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    Yugioh wars chapter 5 part one last section


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    Yugioh wars chapter 5 part one last section Empty Yugioh wars chapter 5 part one last section

    Post by kingofblades on Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:47 pm

    Here the last section for this part. I'm glad i got this done before my D and D session.

    After that they had them spar and they put up a safe field so no one dies because they are allowed to use their power in fighting. Also they put up a field which allows normal damage from anything to hurt them. Also the blood is still their. Best 2 out of 3 as always. Who ever makes their opponent hit the ground first get a point. They have no protective gear.Some fights will be mention. Also two fights were going at the same time because of room and soldiers separated it. Let us begin with Edward vs Jeremy. Jeremy step quickly to launch 3 jabs and cross puch to Edward then went for an kick but Edward block it all. Edward fake punch Jeremy then he went in with 3 jabs and crosses and they hit Jeremy as blood came out of him. Then Jeremy used star blaster and it hit Edward. The Edward use copy attack and used the same attack on Jeremy and it hit him then Edward used arcana Zio ( lightning) on him and made Jeremy hit the floor. Edward got one point. Round 2 Jeremy jump up High then used star dive and hit Edward down. Jeremy got one point. Last round Jeremy did the same thing he jumps up and used star dive but this time Edward used fool guard which block it and it has had a 30% percent chance of confusing the enemy if it was a contact attack. Which it went off and confused Jeremy. Then Edward punch Jeremy then he made him kneel by kicking his lower knee then did a Axe kick to to make him go down. Edward got a point and he wins.

    Yuri vs Daniel. Round 1 Daniel uses catastrophe charge increase his speed and strength by 25%. Yuri use fury charge he gained the same boost. They both throw punches but Yuri was faster and he got the punch in before Daniel did. Then Yuri did and upper on the chin then he did a step side kick in him. Then Daniel went to punch Yuri in the liver but Yuri caught it then he did repeated kicks to his head. Daniel then duck then send a jar to his ribs but Yuri dodge then he did a jump front kick and kick Daniel in the head head and some blood went out of his moth moth and moth and his mouth and he went down. Next round. Their boost are still in effect. Daniel throw punches and he moved up close to Yuri and he went close to him on his left side. Yuri quickly did hook kick and hit him in the back of the head. Then he quickly used one of his hands to punch him the face rapidly. It knock Daniel back then Daniel did a low kick and Yuri caught it with his foot then did a butterfly kick to his face and knock him down. Daniel was bleeding a bit. Yuri won the fight.

    Saddie vs Zack. The match began and it round one. Zack used prophecy of power level 1 he gain 30% in strength. Then Saddie used wind Chain mail and all of her defense got raised by 30%. Zack went on a heavy assault with punches Saddie block them then she used wind gust ahead blew him away but he managed to prevent from going on the ground. Then she went on an assault pushing his guts and some on his face then she round house kick him down to the ground. Round two Stat boost still in effect. Saddie went on full force kick but Zack dodge it then he proceed to rapidly punch her and and on and on the 8th punch then punch her kick her in the face then did a upper cut punch then did a to punch to the torso in the stomach and that makes makes her makes her fall makes her Fall on makes her fall on the ground. She had blood coming out of her nose and some blood on her lips. Round three. Zack did rapid punch on Saddie then Saddie was able able to quickly gather herself and did a wind lasso Zack brace himself but he did not respond in enough time to block or dodge Saddie jump kick kick to the face then she grab him then she kick him the face with her knee cap 5 times and and it and it was and it was a success. Then she uppercut him in in the in the face 3 times. He tackle her but Saddie prevent him taking her down on the ground and did and elbow strike on on his back and made him fall fall down then before his face hit the floor she did a 3 forward kicks then Then a jump kick to his face then he went down. His face was bloody and he did not hold at all so Saddie wins the match. t " If we are going to an hand to feet combat then she is going to be harder to beat than Zack. " Saren thought. That is how sparing going to be from going to be for now on.

    Special duel

    Chase and Saren were about to duel. “ Alright bud let me see how good you are at dueling. Don’t disappoint me. I trust that you will do good.” Saren said. “Same bro.” Chase said. they get into their dueling positions.You better watch out or you will face against my god car..” Saren said. “Saren you are not Yuri plus you showed me your deck remember.” Chase said. “Oh shit I forgot I did that. Well this is problem.” Saren said. They all draw 5 card.

    Everything will happen move by move play by play. Remember reading duel is different. Saren said “Saren has walk in the building and it his turn. I summon Armageddon knight. When it summoned I can send one DARK monster from my deck to the graveyard. I send Destiny Hero- Malicious from my deck to the grave. I set one cards face down and I end.” It chase turn he says “People Saren will be leaving the building shortly. Since I have no monsters on my side on my field and you do me can special summon Evilswarm Mandragora form my hand. Now I normal summon Plaguespreader zombie in attack mode. I now tuner Plaguespreader zombie with Evilswarm Mandragora in order to synchro summon into Goyo Guardian in attack mode. Now Goyo Guardian attack Armageddon knight.” Saren takes 1400 by getting hit by Goyo weapon and he got knock back a bit. Life point of damage he is now at 2600 life points. “I end my turn with one face down and I won’t take the card.”

    Then Saren said after he draws a card “Okay you’re lost. I draw for turn. I active density Draw by discarding one “Destiny HERO” I can draw two cards. I will discard Density hero- Diamond Dude to draw the two cards from my deck. Now I summon Pyramid turtle in defense mode. Now I activate my face down card mystical space typhoon. On your face down card.” Then Chase responded “I will do the same thing.” Both of the same cards are now active and both typhoons collide against each other destroying one another. That caused a scene which attracted some duelist. “Well now I active Foolish Burial and I send one monster from my deck to the graveyard. I send one of my own Plaguespreader Zombies to the grave. I active it special ability I can return one card in my hand to the top of my deck in order to special summons it forms my graveyard. When it leaves the field it gets banish. Now I tune my Plaguespreader zombie with my pyramid turtle in order to synchro summon Orient Dragon in attack mode. When it Synchro summoned I can target one face up synchro monster on the field and banish it. Their goes your Goyo Guardian.” He gets hit with a white windish blast and Goyo guardian gets banish. “I guess you should have used his effect last turn because now Orient dragon will attack you directly.” The dragon fire a green looking blast a Chase and it send him on his knees. He is at 2700. “Now I will end my turn. Go so I can win.”

    Then Chase said “That what you think.” Saren responded “No it a fact. You can whine all you like or you can man up and actually face me the best you can. Even though it won’t matter.” Chase said “Draw. Now I summon Evilswarm Castor in attack mode when he is normal summon I can normal summon another Evilswarm or steelswarm. I normal summon Evilswarm thunderbird in attack mode. Now I will overlay the two in order to exceed summon into Evilswarm Ophion. As long as it has Overlay units you cannot special summon level 5 or higher monsters and the same goes for me. I use it effect. By detaching one overlay unit I can add and infestation card from my deck to my hand. So I will add Infestation pandemic. “I set one card face down. I will attack orient dragon. “It is destroyed and Saren takes 250 life points of damage. He is now at 2350 life points. “I end my turn.” Then Saren says “I draw and I set one monster in defense position. I End.”

    Chase says “I really can’t do anything right now. I will attack your set monster.” Then Saren replied “You destroyed my pyramid turtle by battle so I special ability actives. When it destroys by battle I can a special summon a monster that a zombie type with 2000 or less defense points. I special summon Zombie master in form my deck in attack mode.” The duel disk shuffles the deck. Chase then said “I end my turn.”

    Then Saren Responses “I draw. Now I active Zombie master special ability I can discard a monster card to special summon level 4 or lower monster that a zombie type from my graveyard. I special summon Pyramid turtle.Now i builds the overlay network I will overlay the two in order to exceed summon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK. Now I active it special ability I can detach two overlay units in order to take one of your monsters that was special summon on your side of the field and I get to add it as an overly unit. Exceed summoning counts as special summoning don’t forget it.” The overly units were removed and Evilswarm Ophion was added to the number monster s an overlay unit. “Now number 101: silent Honor ark attack chase directly.” Chase got it by a dark beam and now he is at 600 life points. His mange to stand his ground. “I end so come at me bro.”

    It Chase turn and he said “I draw. Now I set one card. And I set a monster in defense mode. I end” Then Saren said “I draw. Well well hm now you decide to get into my hand. Well you did a good job Chase I am not disappointed. Now it time for me to end this duel. I banish density hero –Malicious in order to special summon another Destiny Hero Malicious from my deck and I will special summon him in attack mode. I could have done this before hand from my graveyard but I decide not to.” A recruit watching this said “What the heck another copy why would he more of one card? That is bad for the deck.” Tony was near him and he said “What an idiot.” Saren then said “I normal summon Plaguespreader zombie in attack mode. Now I tune Plaguespreader zombie with Destiny Hero –Malicious in order to special summon Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons in attack mode. Now number 191: Silent Honor Ark attack his face down monster.” The attack went though and it was an Evilswarm thunderbird. “Now Beelze of Diabolic dragons attack him directly.” The two dragon head shot a powerful blast of darkness and it hit chase and he went flying backwards a bit. Then he quickly got up. Chase has now negative 2400 life points so Saren wins.

    Saren said “Well you got up quick. You don’t look that bad. Alright let go time is almost up anyway.” They left the area.

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