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    Yugioh wars chapter 5 part two section two


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    Yugioh wars chapter 5 part two  section two Empty Yugioh wars chapter 5 part two section two

    Post by kingofblades on Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:31 pm

    going to post these as much as i can today well at least for this day. I hope more of you come back. Sorry I have not been here lately i have been distracted by college events.

    At the sparing area we are having a fight between Tony and Saren. It the same as any other spring match 3 rounds best 2 out of 3. “Hey I want to make a bet. If I win I get to join your team if I lose you don’t have to add me. If I win then you have to add me and I get to do what I want with the other people on your team. Meaning you can’t interfere or else I kill them. I will only be the useful guy on your team. Ya I saw you stand behind for the centurion regiment.” Saren said before the match began. “Fine but I won’t lose. I know i won’t.” Tony replied. “Begin.” the ref said. Saren used dark thunder lv 2 Tony got hit then Saren went to land punches on his face. Tony quickly recoiled back up then he trip one of Saren leg that was a bit off the ground then he used his hand to make him fall down. He made sure not to get in his way while he falls down. “Stop. Round one goes to blue side.” The ref said. Saren gets up d “You got lucky like a little punk gets lucky.” Saren said. “Round two. Get ready… fight.” the ref said. Saren moved fast to landed punches and kicks to Tony but he blocks them. Tony jumps back some then Saren jump up high in the air to do a dive kick. Tony went to block it and Saren got on his happy battle face on then tony slip in a magic spell light homing wave. This is an attack that comes from below the target and it the target with a beam of light. It does it 3 times and it lv 1. Saren then used his Primal darkness generator “I don’t care what happens I am not going to let him win this bet no matter what.” Saren said inside his head. Then Saren spell launch but then it went away just like that. “What that should of work. I am already drained of energy what the fuck is going on. He can’t negate prima darkness unless he then one of the two that Beelze said could nullify the effect of the primal darkness generator spell I have.” Saren thought. Then tony jump and elbow slam Saren on the ground. Some blood came out of him a tony took little recoil. Saren was on the ground “Stop round over blue wins. Blue two points so blue wins. Next up.” the ref said. Saren wipe the blood and he got up. Tony was walking away. He quickly got up to Tony. “Hey wait.” Saren said. “I already won the bet what do you want?” Tony responded. “The last spell I was going to use I did not work how did that happen?” Saren ask. “I nullify pure darkness. It a passive ability. Your dark thunder was not pure darkness so that why it was not stopping form begins used It can stop things like your primordial dark generator though.” Tony said.

    “What the fuc… oh I see. He has a primal light generator maybe. He more powerful than me that why it was negated. I don’t want to join anyone else team. I like him.” Saren thought. “Umm hey I do like you and what I said back their about what I would to your team forget about it I won’t do that. I am sadistic person.” Saren said. ” Chase told me about you.” Tony said. “He my friend. Which you probably know about that.” Saren said. “Why would you join me I have the power of light? You don’t like that stuff.” Tony ask. “I judge you as an chaotic light person. Which I am okay with guys like that. They do things their way.” Saren respond. “I am not that type of person.” Tony said. “Of course you are you can be however you want.” Saren responded With a smile on his face then tony sigh “You just gave away that you are trying to manipulate me to make you join my team if I pass the combat test.” Tony said. “Alright I stop and you forgot about dueling test as well.” Saren said with a smile. “I am going to past it. Alright here's the deal. And I don’t care if you are trying to manipulate me.” If I pass I will have to select people who pass that are with the marauder regiment because I am going to chose to fight the enemy head on and such. If you pass and do good enough to make it a good decision to recruit you I will add you to my team. Those are my terms. This is the only chance you have if you want to be on my team. Also no killing members of my team if i end up adding you.” Tony said “Oh I see. I will squash it like a bug and anyone who tries to get in my way. When I join your team I will not kill anyone unless they attack me. I won’t promise I won’t be nice though but I will follow you.” Saren replied. Then Tony said “Good it settle then.” They went to go eat lunch because it was getting that time was launched starts.

    Yuri sits across from Giovanni at lunch. “Hey Giovanni you got time?” Yuri ask.“What is it?” Giovanni replies as he looks at him.“If you pass and if I pass I would like to have you on my team. If you want to join another team I understand if you join another team. Tomorrow if I pass me and the others in the centurion will make our teams when we face against each other on the battle field. If I do well enough commanding units. I will be allowed to a team that can be 10 or less but I must have at least 6 people. If that happens will you be interested to join?” Yuri said. “I have to pass first and I will consider it.” Giovanni said “Thanks.” Yuri said. They just ate them and talk about the regiments also Yuri did mention which Regiment he is going to lead troops in.

    Some hours has past by and we are with Yuri as him and everyone else that wants to be in the centurion regiments “All right recruits all of your training will be harder than the normal test will be. All of you will receive a duel disk and all of you will use the standard weapons and armor we give. Even though you probably won’t be using these. You are not required to use all weapons but using all weapons shows promise if used correctly. All targets are armed with stun guns. If you get hit 2 times you are done. If you go to zero life points you are done. Also you can only use the spell and trap cards we give you as well as monster cards. There will be no extra deck. One will go up at a time you got 5 minutes to pick the weapons that you want.” the drill sergeant their said. Yuri got what he wanted and he took his time while doing this. He grab a small deck and he look at the cards after removing the rubber band. He looks at them then after he saw them all “Well I can work with this.” He thought. It’s Yuri's turn to go up the said T”hey can destroy your monster with their weapons but you can’t destroy theirs with yours. Ready…set…go.” The drill sergeant said.

    Yuri ran out 3 infantry target appear Yuri quickly got out his assault rifle then he easily removed the targets then 3 jellyfish pop out then the summoned Tiger axe in attack mode and let him take them out. He proceed on he can see the end of the course behind a ruined building. He saw many places were the enemy can take cover. He saw a cover location that can protect him from both in front and behind him. He decides to gun for it. 2 seconds before he got their 2 jellyfish, 2 tiger turtle and one mystical horseman appeared along with 6 infantry. He shot two infantry soldiers then he got out a flash bang and threw it at the mystic horseman. He knew that both that monster and tiger axe both have 1300 attack points and the others have 1200 points and none of them were in defense mode. He shot and took out 3 more infantry than his Tiger axe killed all of the jelly fish. Then that gave him a window to shot and take out the last infantry. He keeps shooting at the mystic horse man to distract it while the tiger axe took out the two Turtle tanks. Then he order his tiger axe to attack the mystical horseman. They both swung their weapons and kill each other. After that was done he press on and he found another cover area that could protect him forward and backwards. He rush over their and 12 infantry and 20 monsters. Yuri had lighting vortex but there were monsters that could negate the effects of spell cards. He set a spell/trap card down quickly. Then 3 enemies pop up behind him. He switches to his shotgun. He waited until the monsters attack him when they did he active battle fader from his hand to negate all of their attacks.

    Then after that he got a chance to kill the enemy behind him because of the fire shots from dragons were shot at him which made smoke. He quickly pulled off some shots with his shotgun he took out two guys. He waited until the third head came out then when he did Yuri did a head shot to the target. He took cover after that. After the smoke cleared a bit and as soon as he could see he quickly fire 2 shots taking out 2 of the infantry units that were close to him. Then he threw frag grenade which he nailed the throw and the timing causing the grenade to explode in the air and taking out the other two that were near him and his battle fader got destroyed. He switches to his sniper rifle and he added an ad-on that made the scope able to read heat signatures. He waited for the monsters to attack when they did he used battle fader effect from his hand and Again the attack was negated and smoke appeared from the fireballs. Then aimed with his sniper at targets and he took out 5 targets before the smoke cleared and before it fully did he summoned beta the magnet warrior to destroy the monsters that would prevent him from using his spell card. He got rid of two of them then when a stronger monster attack his monster he achieve his set down card dark mirror force which destroys all defense position monster when his opponent declares an attack.

    There was no monster to negate it so it was successful and all defense position monsters were destroying and there were 5 of them. 13 of them left. He then threw one some grade to cover up the area and he took out the rest for the infantry easily with his sniper rifle just in time to cause after he got the last kill the smoke cleared. Then he summoned an anther magnet warrior and it was able to destroy two more monsters that would negate his spell card. He has 3500 life points left and then he summoned luster dragon which took out the rest of the monsters that would negate his spell card. He shot the other monster to get their attention after that was successful he send dark blade to the graveyard activate lightning vortex and destroy all attack position monsters on the field. Then a M5 castor tank appears as well as a blue eyes white dragon. He knew what to he summoned and that was exploder dragon and Yuri keep shooting at the tank. His dragon went to the blues eyes white dragon and it got destroyed by it and it effect would go off and the effect destroys the blues white dragon. Then Yuri equips his only Macor launcher (rocket launcher) and fire on the left side of the tank and take it out. After that he was successful. “Alright head down the path behind the building and head on to dueling. Make sure you put the stuff in the Bin” The drills sergeant said on the speaker. That what he did and he did and got ready for dueling. he had 1500 life points left by the way.

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