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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 part 2 section one.


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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 part 2 section one.

    Post by kingofblades on Mon May 04, 2015 4:47 pm

    Ben(chaos dragon) vs Jt (reverail quiz)

    Giovanni was jogging all over the place expect the duel field and beyond trying to get in shape. After he was done jogging he looks at his arsenal cards. He thought to himself while walking near the bedrooms to go find the shower rooms “Hmm my amour legs prevent me from losing life points in anyway form a trap card. I guess I don’t have to worry about using Skill drain that much. That would also protect me some traps card like secret barrel form dealing effect damage to me. All the others are good and why do I have an assault cannon for? What I have a video kitana what why a katana for? Why not a dagger or a machete? Well everything else I got seems good. At least I got a SMG (small machine gun). I guess I would be an anti-vehicle guy. Geez I don’t even get a chance to choose if I want to be demo guy or something. We forgot to go look for the baths hahaha.”

    Meanwhile while the dual field the other decided to let each other duel one by one so they can gain experience from this. First up is Chaos dragon vs Reversal quiz. They are on the field and they will start dueling 4000 life points each. When a person takes Damage form and effect a beam or a blast will hit them. It also depends on the monster if it is by monster. Ben will start things off first.

    The players will do what they say on the field so there no reason to tell you when they appear unless it actually needed. “Alright it my turn. Let see if I can get your life points to zero before you active reversal quiz. “ Ben said.I “I summon card trooper in attack mode. I active it special ability by sending up to 3 card from my deck to the graveyard. This card gains 500 attack points. Now I cad trooper is at 1900 attack points. Now then I active monster reincarnation. I can send one card from my hand to the grave to add one monster from my grave to my hand. I chose Black luster soldier envoy of the beginning. I banish one dark attribute monster from my graveyard in order to special summon white dragon Wyvern Buster in attack mode. I end my turn.”I draw.” Jt said after he drawed a card. “I active scapegoat now I get to special summon 4 scapegoat tokens onto the field and the cannot be used for a tribute summon. Not that I am going to use them for that. I active one day of peace we each draw a card but until my next turn us take no battle damage. I set 3 cards and I end my turn.”

    Ben draw a card from his deck and added to his hand. “Draw.” Ben said. “I summon Eclipse Wyvern. Now I overlay Eclipse Wyvern and white dragon Wyvern Buster in order into exceed summon into Laval chain. Now I active it Special ability . By using one Xyz martial well in this case overlay unit I can send one monster card from my deck to my grave and I chose Lightpulsar dragon. Since I used Death eclipse Wyvern and it went into the graveyard I can banish a dark dragon monster from my deck. When this card is banished it goes to my hand. I chose Dark Armed dragon. Now then I active Card trooper effect I send up to 3 cards from my deck to the graveyard so he can gain 500 attack points. Now then I banish my Chaos sorcerer which is a dark attribute I can special summon Black dragon Collapserpent.” He has 26 card left in his deck. “Now I banish him to special summon Red eyes darkness metal dragon. Now I activate his special ability I can special summon a dragon monster from my hand or graveyard onto the field. I chose Lightpulsar dragon. I end my turn.” Ben finish. “Okay then. “ Jt said. “ I will active Lava golem special ability forms my hand. By sending two of your monster on the field to the graveyard I can special summon him on your side of the field. Now things are getting good I send Lightpulsar dragon and Lavalval chain. I bet you don’t have any target for Lightpulsar special ability.” Then ben replied “Yeah you right about one. I can’t use his effect to special summon out a level 5 or higher dragon from my graveyard since it went to the graveyard.” Ben finish talking.“ Now I active upstart goblin.” Jt said” You gain 1000 life points but I get to draw a card.” Ben is at 5000.” Now I will do the same thing again.. “Ben is at 6000 life points.” Ben thought “ If my life points or if his get low enough he can use Reversal quiz and then his Fuhma Shuriken will active and I will lose the duel. That is if he calls it right.” Then he said “I draw.” Then Jt said “well during your standby phase you take 1000 life points of damage.” Ben is at 5000 life points and Laval form Laval golem feels down on the cage. He is sweating. “ Uh I have to beat him in one turn or else I go bye if I made his life points low enough for him to get the win.” Ben thought .Then he said “ alright then. I active Red eyed darkness metal dragon specail ability I can specail summon I specail summon Lightpulsar form my graveyard. Now I banish one light and one dark monster form my graveyard to specail summon Darkflare dragon. Since I banish eclipse dragon I now can add the banish monster that I banish when I used his effect form the graveyard. Now will add dark armed dragon. Now will attack all of your tokens with my monsters. Expect Laval golem.” All tokens are now destroyed. “ Now Laval golem attack his life points directly.” “ Nope I only take 2000 life points of damage why cause me active a special ability for my hand Kuriphoton. “ Jt replied “Now I pay 2000 life points so I take no more damage this turn.” Then Ben thought “ He is getting ready for the deck winning combo.” “ Alright now I overlay Darkflare dragon and Lightpulsar dragon in order to exceed summon into Photon strike Bounzer. I end my turn.” Ben said with a heavy breath. “This will prevent him from using hand effects to protect him well only twice. If I use it twice he is done.” Ben thought.

    “I draw and now I active two Reckless greed” Jt said.” Since I am using two of them I can draw 4 cards from my deck but I can’t draw for 2 turns normally. Now I active Pot of duality I reveal 3 cards and I have to add one to my hand and the other two back into my deck. Then he shuffle. Reversal quiz, a feather of Phoenix and a card car D. he added a feather of Phoenix. “ I can’t special summon but that okay.” Jt said. “ I set two and then I end my turn.”

    “He already has it maybe he needs the card the other Card.” Ben thought then said “I draw. Ya I know I take 1000.” He is at 4000 life points, and grunted “ Now then I am going to end this here and now. I active Card trooper effect I will send 3 card to the grave and it gains 500 attack points. Now it at 1900. I send one of my dark density heroes to the grave which is a dark from this special ability. I now banish a light and a dark form my graveyard in order to special summon Black luster soldier envoy of the beginning. Now I will attack. With him Black luster soldier envoy of the begging attacks him directly.” Jt replied in response “ I activate a trap card Waboku. Now I take no damage from anything this turn.” Then Ben said “Well my field is full so I end my turn.” Then Jt said “Alright I summon Car card D. I active it special ability. I tribute it to draw two cards but it then goes to my end phase.” Card car D faded away. “ I active Photon strike Bounzer special ability. By using one overlay I can negate a monster effect on my opponent side of the field. If I do you take 1000 life points of damage.” It is negated and he lost 1000 life points and during the damage he got he grunted with a smirk.” Well then I end my turn.” Jt said.

    B “ draw. I will now take the damage.” Ben said he is at 3000 life point and he grunted after taking damage. “ Now I will attack you with Lava Golem.” Then Jt said “ Hey you know what I think Waboku likes you because I am activating another one. I take no damage.” Jt clap his hands. “ I think Ben is going to lose.” Nathan said on the sidelines. “ Wow never thought you ever say that when your brother is dueling.” Jeremy said “ I think he gave him the win without him knowing about it. It fines not really a big deal.” Nathan said.IT “ Well I thought I could use Lava golem to win but oh well. It sure is hot though I am sweating. “Ben wipe his forehead“ I notice.” Jt mention. T I active Black luster soldier envoy of the beginning first special ability.” Ben told Jt “ I can target one monster on the field and banish it I chose Lava golem. I end my turn.” Ben body was cooling down. “ Okay this is the last turn that reckless greed effect will stop me from drawing a card during your draw phase.” Jt said while looking at his hands. “ Now I active A feather form a Phoenix” I discard one card from my hand and I get to return one card from my deck to the top of my deck .I chose card car D.” after he did that he said “ I set two cards and now I activate a spell card reversal quiz.” Zeke took a deep breath“ Oh here we go.” He said.” Here is the best part and funniest about this deck. “ Jt said as he went on with his turn.” Now is send all of my cards in my hand and field to the grave call the top the type of card on top of my deck which the choices are monster,spell and trap. Then your life points become mine and my life pints become yours with our current life points if I am right. I am going to say monster and it probably Car card D. I also have to reveal it.” He revealed it and a big picture showed up and it was car card D for ben to see. “ Well I am right so now they are switch” Now Jt life points are at 3000 and Ben life points are at 1000.” Not only had that but Fuhma Shuriken actually two of them hit the grave. When they do you take 700 life points of damage for each one and that would equal 1400. I win.” Ben took 1400 life points of damage by getting hit by two Shurikens and he lost with his life points at -400 left Ben grunted for both Shurikens . Jt wins. “ Looks like old school duelist still got the skills.” Jt said.

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