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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 part 2 section two


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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 part 2 section two

    Post by kingofblades on Tue May 05, 2015 12:03 pm

    Josh ( Mask hero) vs Nathan (iNzetkor)

    “ You got that right. Okay who is next.” Ben said. “ Giovanni is not here so I guess it would be me and Nathan.” Josh told them. “ You know what I want to duel against Zack Geargia deck. If that okay with you.” Chase said.“ Ya sure let me get my deck.” Zack respond. Josh and Nathan get ready and Zack goes out and get his stuff.

    Back to Giovanni he found the shower rooms. While he was looking at inside he saw a small note book. It was inside one of the shower. The showers are separated by wall and a door prevents people from looking at the naked people and it appears there is a place that you can put your clothes in so they don’t get wet. As well as soap and shampoo on the right and left side. He saw a notebook on the left side. He pick it up and he picked it up he went to go take it to the room’s quarters. When he got their he sat on his bed. Then came Zack e in Jogging “ Oh Hi Giovanni.” Zack said as he saw the small book and as he jog in. “ What that besides the obvious?” Zack ask. “ I don’t know but it may be left here by someone who was here before. “ Giovanni replied. “I have not read it yet. But on the front it says “NEW PEOPLE READ THIS!” They're probably a message in her for us” Giovanni stared at it some more.“Oh okay everyone is at the duel field still and Jt dueled Ben and won. Josh and Nathan are dueling now.” Zack said. “ I will come and read it to everyone after the duel or your duel.” Giovanni told Zack. “ Okay well that fine. As long as we know what it says.” Zack said as they start walking back to the duel field.

    During that time Nathan and Josh started to duel. The same thing as last duel when they make a play it will be revealed on the field and such. If a player would receive effect damage it depends on what the card is but it will normally be a beam or a blast. It will be told if needed to. Nathan goes first. Nathan has with cards in his hands. “Alright I will summon Armageddon knight in attack mode. When it summoned I can send one dark monster from my deck to the graveyard. I chose Inzektor hornet. I set one card face down and I end my turn.” “I draw. “ Josh said.” Alright I see you just set up a play. I active E-Emergency call. I can add one Elemental hero from my deck to my hand. I add Elemental Hero Shadow mist to my hand. “He shuffles his deck. “Now I will summon him in attack mode. I active spell cards mask charge. I target 1 face up “hero” monster control and I send it to the graveyard. Then I can special summon a Masked hero monster from the extra deck with the same attribute that the hero monster hand when it was on the field. I special summon Masked HERO Dark Law in attack mode. Any card that you have that is sent to the graveyard is banished instead. Now I attack Armageddon knight and you will take 1000 life points of damage because of the battle.” It is destroyed and Nathan takes 1000 life points and is now at 3000 life points. “I set one card and I end.”

    t “Uh I was afraid of that. Great if I can’t pop it with hornet I have to overpower it. It has another effect but what is it.” Josh thought then said “I draw. I summon Inzektor Centipede. I active it affects. I equip an Inzektor monster from my hand or the graveyard I chose Inzektor Hornet.” Then Josh quickly replied “I active my quick play spell card mystical space typhoon. I can destroy one spell/trap card on the field. Your Inzektor hornet is a monster but it is equip and as you know monster that monster that are equip to monster that are in the spell/trap can still be destroyed by cards that can destroy spell and trap cards. I chose Inzektor hornet.” Inzektor hornet got blown away. “Alright it was equip to Centipede so it special ability actives since it was destroyed.” Nathan told Josh as he went on with his turns.”Now I can add one Inzektor monster from my deck to my hand. I chose Inzektor Hopper. I active Inzektor axe- Zektahawk that I had face down. Yes I know it was not a good idea but it was for a bluff. I equip it on Inzektor Centipede it gains 1000 attack points and when the equipped monster attacks you can’t activate any spell or trap cards. I active Upstart goblin that I just drew in order to add one card from my hand to the grave. You gain 1000 life points.” Then Josh said “ Umm well okay then.” he giggled a bit “ I active Masked HERO Dark law effect when every my opponent adds a card from his/her hand expect during the draw phase I can banish one random card from your hand. I will choose the card on the far left on my side.” Dark law comes and takes the card away then banishes it. Josh life points are now 5000. Then Nathan said after he banishes it “Well okay now Inzektor Centipede attacks Masked HERO Dark Law.” It did and Josh lost 200 life points because Inzektor Centipede was at 2600. Now josh is at 4800. “Well I end my turn now with a face down. I know what that card can actually do.” It Josh turn he said “Draw. I hate do to this and I don’t blame you for using that card but you are not going to like this. I active a spell card form my hand mask charger I get to add one Hero monster and one Change card form my graveyard and add it to my hand. I chose “Elemental Hero shadow Mist” and Mask change. Now I active the card I just drew Miracle fusion I can banish” Elemental hero” monster from my hand field or graveyard to special summon and Elemental hero monster fusion monster with the requirements. I chose to banish Elemental hero bubble man an Elemental hero shadow mist in order to specail summon Elemental Absolute zero. Now I active Mask change I send Elemental hero Absolute Zero to the grave to specail summons out Masked Hero Acid since it is a water attribute and zero was also a water monster. Also When Absolute zero is removed from the field all of your monster are destroyed.” An Ice cold blizzard comes in freezes Nathen moster and destroys it. “Now when Masked Hero Acid is summoned your entire spell and traps cards get destroyed.” Masked HERO acid shoot out Acid destroying Nathen set card. “Now then you are wide opened for an attack. Masked HERO Acid attack Nathen life points directly.” Nathen gets hit with Acid instead of a physical and grunts and is now down to 400 life points. “I know you can make a comeback I end my turn.”

    Then Nathan said “Maybe draw. Now I summon another Inzektor Centipede onto the field. I active special ability from my hand Inzektor GiGa-mantis. I can select one monster on the field that an Inzektor and equip him to it. It attack points are now 2400. I active Inzektor Centipede effect I can add one Inzektor monster from my Hand or graveyard to him. I chose Inzektor hopper and now it level is increase by 4. I send him to the graveyard and when I do I can now attack directly with the monster it was equip to. Inzektor Centipede effect actives I now can add one Inzektor monster from my deck to my hand I chose Inzektor dragonfly. Now I will attack you directly. “Josh loses 2400 life points and is now at 2600 life points. “ Alright I end my turn.” Then Josh said “Draw. Now here i come with a comeback I normal summon Elemental hero Stratos onto the field in attack mode. Now I will add an Elemental hero from my deck to my hand. I add Elemental Hero Neos Alius to my hand. Now is an actually use this card. I active Mask change Seconded. I discard one card from my hand which would Neos Alius and target one face up monster I control. Then I special summon a Masked Hero monster with the same with the same attribute but with a higher level of course Stratos has to be sent to the grave now. This summon is treated as a special summon with mask change by the way now I summon out Masked HERO Kamikaze. It cannot be destroyed by battle and only one of your monster can attack during your battle phase. Now Masked HERO Kamikaze attack Inzektor Centipede.” It went diving in and made an explosion and returned to Josh and Nathan lost 300 life points and now he is at 100 life points. Nathan grunted when he got hit by the explosion. Then Nathan said “Since Inzektor GiGa mantis went to the graveyard I can special summon one Inzektor monster from the grave expect another copy of him. I special summon Inzektor Centipede in defense mode. Then Josh said “Now then since Masked Hero Kamikaze destroyed a moster by battle and sent it to the graveyard. I can draw a 1 card. Now Masked Hero acid Attack Inzektor Centipede. “It destroys it with an acid attack. “ I end my turn.”

    “Dang Josh can do some sick stuff with that deck. Good Thing I and he made it. Too bad about Giovanni Malefic drain deck though it can’t work with any of our decks.” Jeremy said.T “No Dark Worlds can work with his deck it just that Necrovalley may stop my deck but it won’t stop Grepha because it special summons itself from its own effect. Maybe it can stop be but it not really that big of an issue and skill drain works well with Dark world so we are good. I hope you learn from this cause if you two are going to duel with those two decks then you both into depend on each other. Jt Burn decks are fine and his deck out deck is okay because we can replace our decks I guess.” Ben told them.

    Nathan said “Okay I draw I now summon Inzektor Dragonfly in defense mode. I use if effect equip Inzektor Centipede. I remove him to special summon another one of him from my deck into defense mode. I do the same thing equip a Centipede to it then after that I remove it to add Inzektor hornet to hand. I end.” Then Josh said “It my turn I draw. I summon Elemental hero Wildheart. Now then I will have my two mask heroes destroy your monsters” the monster attack in sync. “NoW elemental hero Wild heart attack Nathen life points directly.” Nathan gets punch and he grunts he is now at -1400. Josh wins.

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