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    yugioh wars chatper 3 section two base hindu Empty yugioh wars chatper 3 section two base hindu

    Post by kingofblades on Sat May 23, 2015 5:26 pm

    Then after the 10 seconds were up “Now departing.” The A.I said then the pod moves and they felt it. What they had to do for the oath appeared on the screens inside the pods and everyone paid attention to the screen as it showed their placement. After it did that it showed the oath everyone else look away. Except the nine Soldiers in training. They read the oath and quickly memorized it. After they did that there was still one minute, ten seconds left on the countdown clock. When Giovanni turned his head away from the screen the person that just got on board looked at him “Hi.” H.e said. Then Giovanni looked at him.“Hi.” He responded back “I am Edward Nygma. I came from the colony of the planet Zeal. Your from that other earth right?” Edward ask. “Yes why do you ask?” Giovanni responded. “Hi I’m a friend of Edward. I am Sadie. Are there powerful duelist in that world?” Saddie ask. “You could say that.” Giovanni replied. “That's awesome. Are you going to try and become a genius soldier?”Saddie responded in a happy voice. Then Edward sight a “Yes he is, so are all of us here. If he wasn’t he would be someplace else possibly.” Then Saddie face-palmed “Dang It, I forgot that again. Oh well.” She said. Then the pod slowed down when it went to a reroute section where stopped then turned 180 degrees. Then it slowly went back again until it stops again. T “we have now reached the main base. Please exit the pod and head straight to the facility's training hall.” the A.I announce.“Well after we recite the oath it will be time to embark on our training.” Saddie said.

    The Door opened and everyone went and they followed the yellow doors Giovanni look around and he saw people men and women leaving as well. “ If there's 20 people in each pod and if there are 5 pods that means that there are 100 genuine trainees. I wonder if I have to duel any of them. I am interested on how good of duelist they all are.”Giovanni thought. He had no idea where he was supposed to go so he just followed the others. Edward came up to It since he was leading the group. “Uh hey do you know where you are going?” He ask Jt. then Jt res“No not really, I am just following the others. Do you know where to go?” Jt replied “ Yes I do.” Edward replied quickly. “ Well take point then.” Jt told him. “ Oh well okay then.” Edward said. he took point. "Edward Nygma right? TJt ask. “Yes and the other one name is Saddie.” Edward replied.

    Thirty seconds later they all walked to what appears to be a training hall. They all started to line up in neatly organized rows. When they finished getting lined up they stood like a soldier while staring at the Union flag. “ For those of you who are having second doubts you may enter a pod and leave now.” the A.I said.” All information you have given will not be shared to the public. You have one minute to leave then after you leave this area a Protic will begin extracting your orb which will be a ten minute process. This is your last chance you may start to leave now.” Not a single person started to leave.

    After the minute has passed not a single soul left. “ Everyone is still accounted for. this will be a recording to prove that you gave an oath of a soldier to serve the union” A>i said then said.”. Say the Oath in 5..4…3…2…1… now.” Then everyone said “ I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Union Under Zion (God) in Liberty, Justice and Peace for all. I give my existence to protect the Union and fight to protect the innocent and those who can’t defend themselves. I agree for a life time of service until I die or the war is over. I will fight all those who oppose our justice, liberty and peace and who threaten us. Until this war is over.”

    Then the A.I said “ Recording complete, this was also a video recording. First line go to the left exit second line go to the right exit all other lines follow that pattern. Our 9 trainees and their two new companions along with everyone else in their line are in line two so they take the right exit. After 10 seconds they take the right exit. “ Left side follow the signs to the bunkers to the left. Right side follow the signs to the right. Report to the field near your bunker at 1400 hours. Move.” An officer said. He repeated it a couple of times. To the other people coming in. They went and one minute and two seconds later they went outside and then 10 seconds later found the bunker. Saddie went to it and try to open up the door which was successful. She look inside and she counted the bunks. she counted 20 bunk beds. T “ Hey guys this bunk bed area has 20 bunk beds.” She said. Alright.” Chase said. All 20 from their pod went inside the bunk bed area, then one of them locked the door.

    Then they began to choose their bunk beds and got all that mental stuff set up. They all changed into their work out clothes. Then Nathan look at the clock which read 2:00 PM. “ I am going to see if we have to get a haircut.” Jt said. Then an officer opened up the door because he had a key.“ Who locked the door? He ask. “ I did.” A trainee “ Do not lock this freaking door until lights out! “ An officer said “You have a safe lock under your beds if you are worried about your stuff! You say Sir whenever you speak to an higher ranking officer before you say whatever you have to say with their express FUCKING permission, do you get me!” The officer finish. “ Yes sir.” he trainee said. “ DO YOU GET ME BOY!” Officer said at the top of his lunges.then “Sir yes sir.”Trainee said. “ Good next time no one will tolerate that shit. Now then after you are all done come and get your hair cut before you leave you still got 002 hours so get your asses in gear boys and girls. Go right then left.” The officer said. He closed the door and people went to go quickly put the stuff away and put the safe lock on their STORAGE UNITS. After that they went to go get their hair cut. They each took twelve minutes. All of their hair was cut to military standards.

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