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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 practiceing. section one


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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 practiceing. section one

    Post by kingofblades on Fri May 01, 2015 12:02 pm

    Okay to be honest units chapter 7 section one i'm going to post these because they have been edited. After that section i will make "Hu" Jt said etc. I'm doing this because it was edited and i don't want his editing to go to waste.It may sound stupid but until then ya that how it going to be.

    Dueling in this chataper hip hip horay. I promise their will be more in the next chataper. expect this section.

    The guys went back to the deck Machine and tony had 5 deck boxes, now he has a Macro (macro cosmos) Dino rabbit deck and a Heraldic best deck. Zack made a Macro Dino rabbit deck as well. Ben made a dark world deck. Nathan made a Gagaga Dododo deck. Josh made a Junk doppel snyhcro deck he had help with it. Giovanni made a Koa’ki Meriu stun deck then he replaces his Lightsworn ruler deck with a Vampire deck. Chase made a XXX saber deck or an X-saber deck if you prefer. Jt made a Ghostrix deck. Jeremy made a stardust dragon assault mode deck he had help making it.

    Ben went to the duel field and him active his duel disk after following the directions that he found on how use them in the machine room were the duel disk are. He looks on the back of the duel disk it had a picture on what card goes were. He was able to tell were goes were easy. He putted his arsenal torso card in and it appeared on him. He could fell the weight of it. Then he putted on the rest of his amour. He felt the weight of all of it. He ran around some to see how it would affect him and he tried to do flexible things. It seemed to work good on him then he inserted his two weapons a sword and a rifle. His sword look like black luster solider sword but it was sort of different looking. He shot a shot out of his rifle after examine his sword. Then he tried to shot it in a rapid fire way but it did not. He was trying to remove the cards and when he presses the arm amour button by ascendant. The card poop out half way and the arm amour went away. Then it clicks in Ben mind on how it works and the duel disk system. He went back to the group and tells them during lunch.

    Then Zack says after Ben tells them what to do “I think that we should say what decks that we have that way we know.” Then Tony said “Go ahead.” Then tony said “I have Prophecy, Machina Geargia, Madolche and Macro Dino rabbit.” Then Giovanni said “I got a big update so I will just say it now for the decks that I have. I replace Necrovalley malefic drain with Koi’ Meriu stun and I have made a Batteryman deck. Then I got my Lightsworn ruler and my Hat deck. Also Koi ’Meriu has a Fire fist engine in it.” Then Tony ask “Fire fist engine? Can I see it?” then Giovanni said she went to go get the deck out and gave it to tony across the table because he had it with him. “Sure.” Tony grabs it and started to look at it. Then Jeremy said “I made a stardust dragon assault mode deck.” Then Chase said “Dude that deck sucks.” Then Giovanni comment quickly after that “it depends on how you make. I know how to make a good stardust assault mode deck I have played it before and yes it was good also if I could I would edit ti and it still would be good.”

    Then Tony said “Good for you. I find your deck interesting.” Then Jeremy said “Can I duel against it. Also for memorize I have Ying zing, number deck and Mask hero.” Then Nathan Mention and said “We should also tell what our arsenal cards are. My decks are chronomaly deck, Inzetors, and a Shaddoll also a Gagaga then a Dododo deck. Hornet is at 3over there as well as Dragon fly.” Then Ben said “We will and I made a Chaos dragon deck, Gladiator beast deck and Fire fist yesterday and today dark world.” Then Giovanni said “After everyone tells what deck they have then we will duel.” Then Chase said “evilswarm deck, Gishki a cyber-dragon deck and an X saber deck.” Then Jt said “fire burn deck. Reversal quizzes deck, a Chain burn deck, and I will try Ghostrix deck.” Then Zack said “I see if it good or not.” Then Jt said “I don’t need help I saw builds online and I made a deck online. Never got to test it out thou. I know you are trying to help but please stop trying to fix everyone deck by yourself. We can fix it by ourselves if there is any problem.” Then Giovanni say “Whoa Jt I never thought you would make a deck that a tier is 2 or tier 2.5. Since you are an old time gamer.” Then he said “Ya I know I will only make an acceptation for ghostrick.” Then Josh said “Well since I am the last person I will say it now. Galaxy/photon deck, E hero deck and now a junk droppel deck.”

    Giovanni said “I got to go get my duel disk and then go to the duel field. Oh wait the safety Deceives.” Then Jeremy said “I will set up it I secretly took the time to learn how to do it before we ate. Real easy to use.” Giovanni walk fast to go get is duel disk and go to the duel Field will Jeremy set us the duel field. Jeremy already has his duel disk and the deck that he is going to use. He is at the duel field that he wants to duel at. Which is at the center field. When Giovanni got their and went to his side of the dueling field he said “how not surprising.” Then Jeremy ask with a bit of a smile “I know right? You do know how to use it right?” then Giovanni replied “Yes I remember what Ben told us. You can go first.” Then he replied “Okay.” He put on a duel gazer and then him active his duel disk “Time to turn it up.” Then Giovanni did the same thing but he said “Duel zone time.” Then after that Jeromy “Not bad.” Then Giovanni said “Same.”

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