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    yugioh wars chatper 3 section three base hindu Empty yugioh wars chatper 3 section three base hindu

    Post by kingofblades on Sun May 24, 2015 8:01 am

    The metal pools use to be 5 tons but i change them to 50 metric tons. it is explained why in the third paragraph. Remember if you read it they keep geting power form the ord. Also last time you meet two new people called Edward and Saddie now meet the anti hero (not the villain or is one) Saren.

    When the time came for them to go outside. They went near the barracks outside like the officer said. They stood there in soldier stance when they got there they waited for five minutes until an officer came with the person who would be their drill sergeant. After the 5 minutes the drill sergeant came to them and he look at them.“ Well, well I got a Bunch of early birds this morning. I am drill sergeant Zed.”Zed said “ Never in my years of service have I seen such worthless excuses for recruits, That is u..” he was interrupted by a one of the trainees. it was the same one who lock the door. He was laughing.“ Is there something?... IS THERE SOMETHING FUNNY?!” Zed Yelled “ I’m sorry I…” then Zed said looking at him all up and personal “ Whenever you speak to someone you start out with sir. DO YOU GET ME?!” . Zed Yelled. “ SIR YES SIR.” The trainee replied. “ Alright run. Run I said, run, run. ZEd replied.” he slaps him in his back and he starts running, Zed look at an officer down the field were he said.“ Mack keep pace for him.” Then Mack got out an electric whip and look at him and started chasing and said “ Move!”

    “ If any of you think this is a joke every time you miss your mommy.”Then Zed yelled “ SO WHAT!? YOU SIGNED UP TO BE A GENIUS SOLDIER IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU JUST TAKE THE WASH OUT POD AND GET YOUR SORRY ASSES OUT OF HERE BECAUSE YOU'RE WASTING MY TIME AND THE OTHER HIGHER UPS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME ROOKIES?!” Zed finish yelling “Sir we get you sir.” They said “ Well good. Now then who thinks they got the shit to take me down.” Zed ask as he crack his knuckles.“Sir I think I do sir.” One one them said. T“ Come soon.” He said. The recruit rushed Zed and tried to get a solid punch in. Zed dodged the punch and tripped the recruit . During which he quickly grabbed his left arm, put his foot down on him and twisted his arm. The trainee grunted. Then Zed look at him releasing him. “ You okay son?” Zed ask. “Sir I am okay sir I think you broke my arm.” The trainee replied. “ MEDIC!” Zed yelled. Then they came to help fix him up. "Who's next?” Zed ask. 6 seconds later. “ Alright I won’t hold it against you.” He told them. Then they heard a shout that sounded like the person said “OWWWW.” Then Zed pointed to a stack of metal pools that were big. “ See those metal pools. Grab one of them then come back over here and follow me and no walking only running and jogging.” Zed order them.

    They jog to get to the metal pull. Each of them pick one then they ran back to him. T “Fuck these things are freakin heavy I can’t run with this for long. I am not ready to run with this for miles. Oh well this is how it going to be.” Tony thought. They went to Zed and then he started to jog then they followed. “ What you are holding is 50 Metric tons which equals to 110,231 pounds. of metal right there. that why we have you guys wait 4 or 3 days because during that time that orb give you a shit ton of strength. That why you keep feeling stronger each day but it stopped earlier probably.” Zed said.

    After 3 miles of jogging the trainees were tired and barely able to keep and with those pools on their shoulders. “ Repeat after me.” Zed said. Then he chanted loudly “ ALL MY LIFE THIS IS WHAT I DREAMED!” then the others said the same thing out loud “ ALL MY LIFE THIS IS WHAT I DREAMED!” Then zed chanted loudly “ TO BE BADASS MOTHER FUCKER FOR THOSE UNION S.O.B'S!” then the other said the same but in higher voice “TO BE BADASS MOTHER FUCKER FOR THOSE UNION S.O.B'S!” then Zed took a breath “ chant here we go, let’s go alright, here we go. Make it loud enough for people to hear.” Zed order. They chanted it loud enough for people to hear. They did that while running for 10 more miles. They ran back to where they started. After that everyone could hardly run anymore. “ Right run back where you got those pools and run back to me”. Zed order them. They did just that then after they were done. A bell rang so loud that everyone could hear it. “ Chow time get to the mess hall and right on time too. Run don’t walk.” Zed ordered.They ran to it and Zed jogged with them. they all went to the mess hall.

    Then during when chase was getting some food and water. Someone was skipping the line which some people complaining for him to get back in line. “ There is enough for everyone.” The guy said that was cutting the line. Then Chase look at him “Hey if you say their enough for everyone then why are you cutting? Get back in line or are you deaf?” Chase told him.he looked stared at him and chase did not flinch a bit what so ever, “ I kind of like you, not many people have the balls to talk to me much less lecture and insult me. Hey you know what everyone needs a friend here so why not be friends.” The line cutter said. He gave him extra food.” After Chase got his food he sat down then the guy he just talked to sat next to him with his food and water. T “ By the way my name is Saren Arterius. Eighteen, crazy and probably the most sadistic person you'll encounter. Also I don’t like being bound to people or places but friends are fine with me just as long as they don't try to control me.” Saren said. “ Why did you join?” Chase ask. “To unleash create chaos and anarchy." Saren replied with an eerily calm face. Then his face suddenly lit up with a smile "Just kidding but I am doing it to fight and for the glorious bloodshed to come.” Saren said. He slapped Chase on the back hard. “You want to know why because fuck peace that's why just fuck it.” Saren said as he went on.” Let me guess you joined so you can stop those who would bring suffering to the people you care about. That's good and all but to be honest your reasoning isn't as altruistic as you make it sound mate. Either way it good for you gain immense power so you should be happy. Me on the other hand, I don’t give a single fuck about my family. A bunch of retards and assholes.” Then Chase took a bit out of his food. “ I am doing this for more than that. I want to kick them off my planet.” Chase said. “ kick them off your planet eh. “ Saren said with a meh face as he went on “That good I guess. If someone wanted to invade my home I would brutally kill them, rip out their organs and place them on the porch as a warning. Well I would have covered it up so the police don’t come over. But then again I could kill the cops as well. My Spirit monster is Beelze of the Diabolic dragons. Beelze, due to his desire to have a strong wielder put me through a trial by combat while I was napping. Needless to say I won, and he gifted me me with enhanced physical prowess along with a few other surprises. So what's your spirit monster chase?” Saren took a swig of water. “Evilswarm Ophion.” Chase replied. T “ That's actually not a bad choice. He is good as a card and he will probably give you a set of abilities based on your strength, darkness manipulation being one of the upper tier abilities as far as I heard. Use it wisely.” Saren said. He pats his shoulder heavily. Then they continued to eat their meal.

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