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    Yugioh wars chapter 6 section two


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    Yugioh wars chapter 6 section two Empty Yugioh wars chapter 6 section two

    Post by kingofblades on Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:40 pm

    it short bro.

    First the second sniper shots from all 4 of them Saren cast dark lighting on them to tell them to go without hitting anyone. Then everyone down their moved expects Nathan. They went neutralized the kill point with only 2 losses. The red team got the advantages with the snipers in the start. Tony team manages to take out a force that would have most likely taken the enemy flag on the left flank. Yuri team took the middle ground and Fista team to the right flank. Giovanni got Saren and his team to leave their safe zone by shooting shots from his laser cannon. He took out half of his team with one shot. He was on the right flank. Fista team actually intercepted him but Giovanni saw them first and shot at her team well they were non team members I should say. He took them out with his Nullifier laser cannon. Fista cast Toril Shield to give her invariability for a period of time. She had her team get hold back. Giovanni created a drone. Fista charge in with her Sky ripper assaulter rifle she took aim and gave a full burst of shots at him. She took him down. Giovanni cannon can only get rid of energy shields and magic like shields also buff ups. Even though he hit her couple of time her spell kept her safe. Also the drone went away after he got hit. She hid his body. Then she went back to her team and gave the order to go on ahead she let Daniel lead them.

    She went to Giovanni “I was wrong about you I thought you would useless in combat. I only pretended that I want you with us. I underestimated you. Weather you know it or not you gave us problems with that drone of yours you gave us trouble. You seem to also know how to use those cannon of yours up close which is nice. By the way me the other and all of your friends are on red team. Bye now.” Fista said and then she rejoined her team. With her team flaking on the right, Tony team on the left and Yuri team back up by Saran team they manage to capture the flag “Blue team flag has been taken.” The overseer said. Josh had the flag. Red team still knows that blue team members were still out there. The Red team that was in the blue zone had Josh stop so they can protect Josh. Josh had is Photonic pistol out while holding the flag. Oh by the way the reason why the guns have no limitless clip is because it has be proven 60% of the time while shooting over the average clip can mess up the duel disk lot. There was a team of 6 in front, left right and behind him, with other team members taking other roots. They rush it and took out some of the other members of the blue team. Their was a guy that was going to take their flag but he got shot and someone toss him off. Then Josh place the flag and it eh pool holder overseer said “Stop. Blue flag is in the red team pull so Red team wins. Blue team gets served dinner 45 minutes later after dinner starts. Also blue team waits until someone takes out your static add-ons out when able. Same with down red team. Return the add-ons to the appropriate desk of the respective team. Report back 0200 hours after dinner back over here.. If you still have not joined a team yet or create one if able.” overseer said Red team was like woo and such.

    Fista actually was nice enough to remove Giovanni static add-ons. Red team members removed some blue teams add on but mostly the other red team members. Some mock others. Giovanni went to go request for Yuri team. Everyone did eat when they were supposed to.

    Now then the thing that Pegasus the 8th has for them evolves a part of his war plan. Now then let take a look at the planet. As you know you know it currently a stall mate. Dark hand has 53% control of the planet while the Duelist alliance has 47% control. The dark hand has lost a whole lot of troops three times more than the alliance on this world. That gives the alliance the upper hand in numbers. The dark hand has more recourse than the alliance so that plus for the dark hand. Fortunately the alliance rules the space near the planet making it pretty much imposable for the dark hand to send down help. There is one single way to break the stalemate. It timed as well. Super base Jericho if they manage to capture that base it will reduce their supplies by 15%.Pegasus will talk more about it. In fact let get things going with him right now.

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