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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 practiceing. section two.


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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 practiceing. section two.

    Post by kingofblades on Sun May 03, 2015 2:47 pm

    Now then understand if you put this in Google docs or whatever the Yugioh monster names are going to be spell wrong tot he system. this is because it not put into the system word memory and as you know all of the names not a real name,word etc. in the English languish like Tensu.

    They both draw out 5 cards  “Alright I will go first since you offered me it.” Jeremy said as he went on. “ Since we are following the new rules I can’t draw on my first turn and it applies over here as well. I will summon one Assault beast form my hand onto the field.” It appears on the field with 1900 Atk points.” Since I still have cards in my hand I active it effect by sending one card from my hand to the graveyard I can add one “Assault Mode active “ form my deck to my hand.” He did what he said and he added one to his hand he revealed it and then Tony, Zack, Ben and Jt came into the room watching. “Now I set cards face down on the field and I end my turn.” He did just that and it was Giovanni turn and he draws “Draw. I Active Fire formation – Tensu.” It shows and stays on the field because it a Continuous spell card also Giovanni went on with his turn. “This spell allows me to make an extra normal summon during my turns for a beast warrior. It also gives them a 100 attack point boost. I summon Koa’ki Meiru Unright in attack mode.” It is summoned in attack mode and it has 2000 atk points. “Now I active it effect or  special ability if you prefer.. Once per turn I can reveal one “iron core of Koa’ki Meiru” from my hand…” he reveals it “And I can special summon one Koa’ki Meiru from my deck expect another copy of itself card that is level 4 or lower. I Special summon Koa’ki Meiru Crusader in attack mode.” It appears on the field and it has 1900 attack points then he shuffles his deck. “Now I will attack your Assault beast with Koa’ki Meiru Crusader. Remember now because of fire formation – Tensu all of my bear warriors which all of them are gain 100 attack so Crusader is at twenty hundred now.” Assault beast is destroyed by Koa’ki Meiru Crusader and Jeremy losses 100 life points. He is now at 3900. “Now then you are open for a direct attack Koa’ki Meiru Unright attack Jeremy Directly for 2100 life point of damage.” Koa’ki Meriu Unright attacks Jeremy and it hurts him a bit and he losses 2100 life points and now he is at 1800 life points. “I will set two cards face down then I think I will make an exceed summon. I build the overlay network. “The overlay network is created “To exceed summon Koa’ki Meriu Crusader and Koa’ki Meriu Unright to exceed summon into Number 101: Silent Honor ARK.” It appears on the field and the overlay network goes away. “That ends my turn.”

    It Jeremy turn and “I draw “ he says as he he draws.” Now I active Dark hole it destroy all monster on the field.” Then Giovanni replied “I active one of Number 101: Silent honor Ark. By removed one overlay unit I can prevent my monster form begin destroy.” Number 101: Silent honor uses and overlay. “Not only that but I activate A trap card. Reckoned Power.” The card is revealed on the field. “By revealing one Iron core of Koa’ki Meiru I” can destroy all spell and trap card you have on the field that are set.” He reveals one form his and all of Jeremy spell/traps card are destroyed.  “Well at least I got rid of one overlay unit. “ Jeremy says in a positive voice. ”I activate monster reborn now I special summon  my Assault beast from my graveyard in attack mode.” It got back onto the field “Now I normal summon Rose warrior of Revenge.” It appears on the field.” Now here he comes.” Synchro rings appears and the monsters go in them and turn into the monster stars “ I Tune level 4 Rose, warrior of revenge with Assault beast in order to synchro summon into Stardust dragon.” Stardust dragon appears “Now stardust dragon Attack Number 101: Silent honor ARK.” Stardust dragon shouts out a blast at Number 101: Silent honor ARK and destroyed it. Giovanni took 400 life points of damage and now he is at 3600 life points. “I end my turn. Like i thought you can only prevent it destruction once per turn due to it effect.”

    The “Time to Draw. I draw.” he says as  He draw a card from his deck. “I active Fire formation- Tenki. When it is active I can add one level 4 or lower beast- warrior monster from my hand to my deck. I will add brotherhood of the fire fist –bear to my hand.” He adds it to his hand and then he shuffles his deck. “I summon Brotherhood of the fire fist- bear in attack mode.” It appears with 1600 attack points. “Now I use the effect of fire formation –Tensu to normal summon a Beast -warrior form my hand. I now normal summon Koa’ki Meiru Crusader.” It appears on the field. “Now I build the overlay network with Brotherhood of the fire fist-bear and Koa’ki Crusader.” It appears and the monster begins to go to the exceed procedure “I do that in order to exceed summon into number 88: Heartland Draco.” It appears on the field with 2000 attack points. “OH by the way just to let you know I did not use the anime rules of the number monsters.” Giovanni mention .” Ya  I know. Please use the rule next time we duel.”  Jeremy said. “Okay and now I will use it special ability.” Giovanni went on. “By using one overlay unit it attack your life points directly but it the only one that can attack.” Number 88: Heartland Draco uses an overlay unit. “Now Number 88: Heartland Draco attack Jeremy life points directly.” Number 88: Heartland Draco shoots a blast form it mouth at Jeremy and he takes 2000 life points. He is now at -200 life points and his life points have gone past zero so Giovanni wins. After his life pints on the machine went to zero all of his cards onto the field went away. Then Giovanni shut off his Duel disk.

    “If that was supposed to be an assault mode deck then Huh I don’t know what I am supposed to tell ya.” Giovanni said then he ask “ Is there any other deck you want to use?” “Maybe Burning abyss.” Jeremy replied. Giovanni did a face-palm then he stops doing it 5 seconds later. “You should have chosen that deck.” Giovanni said “ That deck is a very good deck it tier 1. It’s a  top Meta deck it really good. Okay make a Burning abyss that other deck will just give you problems. We should have a deck test today just to see if any of the decks we made are good. If you have seen or heard rants of Yugioh arch then you should know the duelist over there have step up their game. There are Constellar player’s , and harpie’s players etc. When I say harpy’s players I don’t mean old fashion harpies I mean up to date harpies like we have. I trust the other guys decks I know they made them good and it seems that the format over there is different than ours. Well of course it is. Marco Dino rabbit it basically a rank 4 decks and thanks to the new rank 4s out they are more powerful and ever. Same thing with Nathan Gagaga Dododo but I can make higher ranks as well and that swell. I don’t know how good his is but I think it good hopefully it is. X-saber that chase made well I am not so sure how it is but I know it can do better than that deck. I know you want to make a deck that you love but it also must be good enough. Ya I know I shut you down in 3 turns it should have taken longer. Your deck is vital cards are the  arsenal cards.” Giovanni was done talking. “I know but I won’t use the deck. If I have to I will but I won’t use it. I am not a competitive player nor will I.”

    “This is war wait hold on let me ask you this If you were to duel to the death would you pick a tier 1, 2 or 3 deck? “ Giovanni ask then he went on. “All of them simple to use you know how to use them it even says at below the decks what deck it is and what tier it is so you know. Yang Xing is not tier one. Maybe the he make hero deck is tier 1.5 but ignore all the decks that you currently have which deck could you chose? I am just looking out for you.”Tier 3 deck because it would probably be fun.” Jeremy replied. Then Giovanni sight and said in a little bit deeper voice in an angry way “You… would… play… a…fun…deck…that is… their 3...against your… opponent deck… in a… life and death duel… you wouldn't grab the tier 2 or 1 deck…that could… win the duel for you. Even if the Opponent played a tier 1 deck would you still chose it.” Giovanni calmed down. “Ya I could still use it even though I would already know how to sue a tier one deck. “ Jeremy argued as he went on. “I am not going to step out of my comfort zone that crazy for me to do.” “So you're dead weight to us.”Tony said  the two look to left and they saw Jt, Tony, Zack and Josh. “Jt fire burn deck is to stall and burn same with chain burn. His fire burn deck is actually good. He has reversal quiz that deck is pain to beat considering that when reversal quiz is active the life points get swamp. Ghostrick are tier 2.5 I think or tier 2.”

    Then Jeremy ask in bit of an angry voice “Why are you guys forcing me to play a tier one deck?” Jeremy made a fist. “Were not just use a different deck besides what happens if they destroy assault mode active and they can get clogged just run a toolbox deck or something.” Zack said. Th“Alright fine whatever you know what I challenged you Tony to a duel my Yang Xing vs your Bujin. “ Jeremy channeled Tony.”I know you don’t think highly of my dueling skills. I know this is what about besides the deck. Giovanni okay I understand where you're getting at but please stop it.” T “I use to play that deck a lot. If I see that deck will you allow me to make improvements. If it such a big problem then okay you don’t have to switch decks just let me help.”  Giovanni explained. Jeremy  points his hands at the others. “I do not care what you have to say if you nerved play the deck or play against it. This whole War thing seems to be taking us apart. “Giovanni  said as he went on.” I don’t know why this is happening maybe because of pressure but this shit has to stop. Were friends for Pete sake we should not be doing this. That goes for everyone. If I did it to I am sorry for begging cruel.” “It alright but I want to show my skills to show that I won’t let anyone down.” Jeremy said.“Fine whatever I got the deck and the duel disk so that fine.” Zack said.  He moved his left hand and he putted the duel disk on his right hand then he active it.” I am guessing  that you have it with you.” Then Jeremy said “Ya I have the deck it on the back of my belt.” Tony went to the dueling area that he was in and Jeremy witch out his Yang Xing deck. Then they went to each other and shuffled each other decks then they returned it. Then they got into dueling positions.

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