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    scscorpions test results


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    scscorpions test results Empty scscorpions test results

    Post by B@T on Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:45 pm

    Duel Results:
    B@T vs. scscorpions
    Fire Kings vs Synchrons
    Outcome Of The Duel: 0-2 (0/10),
    Deck Rating: 35/40

    Main Deck Build: 10/10
    i think the deck is fine. its something i used in the past so i know where he was when he built it. The deck should work because its based on the old synchrons without support and it looks fine to me besides preferences and newer support out there.

    Side Deck: 5/10
    he didnt have alot of side deck cards besides the maxx c in side, prohibition which is good as an all around card. droll and lock bird is decent as a side deck card but now it is not used because it was used in the older formats.

    Extra Deck: 10/10
    its something i used in the past as a synchron build. no complaints

    Decks' Creativity: 10/10
    did not looked netdecked to me and he was working on it which i saw where he idd not finish his side deck.

    Dueling Skills: 25/30

    Knowledge of cards: 10/10
    knew his deck very well

    Concentration: 10/10
    was engaging with him throughout the duel.

    Control Of The Duels: 5/10
    i had to blow up the field a bunch of times just to win in game 1. game 2 was once i had my ace out, he could not run over it and he had a bad hand for both games.

    duel knowledge: 14/20

    Misplays: 10/10
    For every misplay -2 (Points cannot go into the negative)

    Ruling Quiz: 4/10
    Testers final thoughts: try to give as much feedback as possible so the testee can know what they need wrong and learn how they can get better

    Mimicry Purple: 0-40
    Vanishing Green: 41-65
    Impale Red: 66-85
    Tribute Blue: 86-100

    Total: 74/100

    Congratulations you have been placed in Impale Red

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