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    toons deck discussion

    phoenix Of rebellion
    phoenix Of rebellion

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    toons deck discussion Empty toons deck discussion

    Post by phoenix Of rebellion on Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:04 pm

    Hello again for another Deck discussion sorry for not posting one for a while i was being lazy today we are doing toons as suggested by Nightbot AKA envoy
    and i also think it is a good idea to have a discussion on the deck because now with the new support it is good and it is also fun so lets get this discussion started people Very Happy

    first we have

    toons deck discussion ToonAlligator-SDP-NA-C-1E

    Reptile/water/level 4
    this one is just their it is not good because it is the only one that can't attack directly maybe you can summon it with unexpected dai though i still won't use it.

    toons deck discussion ToonMermaid-LCYW-EN-R-1E

    Aqua/water/level 4

    i like this one becuase it is a free level 4 which helps with xyz or in case you just want to deal more damage to your opponent i doubt that 500 matters that much.

    toons deck discussion ToonGeminiElf-DPBC-EN-C-1E

    spellcaster/earth/level 4

    this card is really good because it has good stats which helps in the toon deck so you can finish off your opponent faster also it has a effect which is good against most deck.

    toons deck discussion ToonCannonSoldier-LCYW-EN-R-1E

    machine/dark/level 4

    this one is ok i guees it has a bad effect it might be help full in case you are gonna finish the game even in that case i would like to go for a cowboy instead of it and it helps with that sense it is a level 4.

    toons deck discussion ToonGoblinAttackForce-LCYW-EN-R-1E

    this one ok also it has a bad effect but it has high attack and it is a level 4 .

    toons deck discussion ToonMaskedSorcerer-LCYW-EN-R-1E

    spellcaster/dark/level 4

    this one is my favorite one it is a level 4 and also has a really good effect and you can use it with rollback if you are runing it to draw 2 cards.

    toons deck discussion BlueEyesToonDragon-DPBC-EN-C-1E

    dragon/light/level 8

    i like this card but it is not good for the toon deck like you have to tribute 2 cards and it doesn't have a effect like ancient gear golem is also a 2 tributes monster but it has a effect that stops your opponent from activating spells and traps when it attacks.

    toons deck discussion ToonAncientGearGolem-CPD1-JP-R

    machine/earth/level 8

    speaking of ancient gear golem like i would only run 1 of this because it has high attack and it can attack directly also it has a ok effect and you won't be summoning him the normal way but with toon mask.

    toons deck discussion ToonSummonedSkull-LCJW-EN-R-1E

    fiend/dark/level 6

    so i am not using this one because their is better options like toon dark magician girl and this has no effect .

    toons deck discussion ToonDarkMagicianGirl-DPBC-EN-C-1E

    spellcaster/dark/level 6

    so the reason i will use this over summoned skull is she can attack on the same turn she was summoned and i don't have to pay 500 for her to atk.

    toons deck discussion MangaRyuRan-LCYW-EN-R-1E

    dragon/fire/level 7

    i hate this one because it needs 2 tribute and it has bad stats and no effect(excluding the atk directly one) why would i use this ???.

    toons deck discussion ToonCyberDragon-CORE-EN-OP

    machine/light/level 5

    this one is good because it is a free special summon and has ok stats for what it is or in case you want to tribute it for something like toon dark magician girl or something like that .

    so now for the spells

    toons deck discussion ToonWorld-DPBC-EN-C-1E

    continuous spell card

    this is the card that started it all this card is made to give the effect for all of your toon monsters though it is not that good of a card for the archetype i know it is their so they can have effects but come on it is enough that it doesn't have a effect but i also have to pay 1000 .

    toons deck discussion ToonTableofContents-DPBC-EN-R-1E

    normal spell

    this card is really good because it searches almost anything the deck it is really use full .

    toons deck discussion ShadowToon-CPD1-JP-C

    normal spell

    i don't think this card is good because i don't think it does much like if it said something like destroy and inflict then i might run it .

    toons deck discussion ComicHand-CPD1-JP-C

    equip spell

    this card is amazing being a snatch steal is good enough but for it to be able to attack directly is very good also if you have kingdom of the field which in most cases you will it will be protected from targeting and being destroyed.

    toons deck discussion ToonRollback-CPD1-JP-C

    normal spell

    i don't know about this card to be honest sometimes i feel like it is really good and it finishes me some games so some times i feel like it is not the necessary so tell me guys your opinion on this.

    toons deck discussion ToonKingdom-CPD1-JP-R

    field spell

    this card really made toons way better it gives toons too much protection the toons sit their for about 3 turns just attacking and it being a field spell is really help full because we can search it with terraforming.

    now for the traps!

    toons deck discussion ToonBriefcase-CPD1-JP-C

    normal trap

    this card is a good defensive card for toons because it bounces the opponent monster to the deck and it doesn't target which might help in some cases thought i would like it more if it said "if you control toon world" but w/e .

    toons deck discussion ToonMask-CPD1-JP-C

    normal trap

    this card is amazing it helps you get out your big toons during your opponents turn so you can just attack with them on your turn but it might not be as good facing a rank 4 deck which is common but it will still be good.

    toons deck discussion ToonDefense-LCYW-EN-R-1E

    continuous trap

    so i hate this trap not only because it is bad but it gives your opponent's deck something that your deck is known to do i know it is supposed to protect your monsters but what if they have something that is 2500 or more i doubt you want to take that much damage and now you don't need to worry about your toons geting destroyed because of kingdom so i would never run this card.

    so this is my decklist :

    toons deck discussion 8ZFsVe7

    so one of the problems of this deck is if you don't get your kingdom or it gets destroyed or something like that you are really in a bad position and that is i think the worst thing about the deck you can run field barrier but i don't like it , the deck is fun and good and not hard to learn

    toons deck discussion EBwhuIR
    here is where i wasn't able to get to my kingdom i lost even though my opponent was had a bad Ritual beast build

    toons deck discussion NNAK8OS
    Here a Crystal beast deck , he was attacking into my monsters but they stayed their due to kingdom so i was just poking him to death

    toons deck discussion WmhzmnO
    here where i actually otked with toons using rollback didn't think i would otk with toons

    i tried getting duels againstt high tier decks but i wasn't able to i tried going on rated with them but it takes a lot of time to get a duel in rated ocg/tcg .

    Please tell me guys if you enjoyed or hated this discussion , if it helped or not it took alot of time to make and i also want suggestions on which deck you want me to make a discussion on next.

    hope you enjoyed the discussion.

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    toons deck discussion KJP7C52

    toons deck discussion INQYgV9

    toons deck discussion Tumblr_n7hz6mMFJL1s0tutxo1_500

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    toons deck discussion Empty Re: toons deck discussion

    Post by ~Wizard~ on Sat Jun 20, 2015 5:39 pm

    You forgot to go over Comic Hand lol
    phoenix Of rebellion
    phoenix Of rebellion

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    toons deck discussion Empty Re: toons deck discussion

    Post by phoenix Of rebellion on Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:49 pm

    @~Wizard~ wrote:You forgot to go over Comic Hand lol

    sorry fixed it.

    toons deck discussion KJP7C52

    toons deck discussion INQYgV9

    toons deck discussion Tumblr_n7hz6mMFJL1s0tutxo1_500

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    toons deck discussion Empty Re: toons deck discussion

    Post by HaruhiV on Mon Jun 22, 2015 4:46 pm

    Three Terraforming is overkill, and with no way to discard in this build, that last copy is dead. I'd seriously recommend dropping one in favour of Field Barrier. Toon Kingdom can save your Toons, but you don't have anything to protect it.

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    toons deck discussion Empty Re: toons deck discussion

    Post by Velveeta on Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:10 am

    I don't believe 3 Terraforming is overkill, and I think you might benefit from running a Planet Pathfinder as well if you're playing an XYZ build and/or you run Norden, since it's an immediate target for Norden and also gets your Field Spell out for you, which you need or you can't play. I've never had to discard a Terraforming and I've been testing the new Toons for a while now, however for that I'd suggest Summoner Monk. Helps go into Infinity. Field Barrier is just trash. If your Kingdom gets a Castel in the face, you can't play another, so you've locked yourself out... If you really want to protect Kingdom, play Card Guard or Magic Reflector, but even then, you aren't safe from anything except MST. Toons are trash because of their Summoning Sickness problem and their Kingdom reliance. It'd be nice to see some support that stops Toon World from being targeted or destroyed by card effects. Until then, this deck remains a solely fun deck.

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    toons deck discussion Empty Re: toons deck discussion

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