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    Spell Speed


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    Spell Speed

    Post by ab9999 on Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:07 pm

    Got bored so I'll give a basic-ish explanation to spell speed. If you think I missed anything then post below or just google it XD Also in this topic I'' be referring to spell speed as SS

    So there are 3 spell speeds.(1, 2, and 3) Every effect can be sorted into a SS, and I mean EVERY effect. SS is quite simply how fast a card resolves and it dictates what can chain to what in a chain or even whether or not the card CAN chain.
    These cards go into the following categories:

    SS 1 Normal spells, ritual spells, SOME monster effects. Basically the monster is SS 1 if it activates on summon or when destroyed by battle. Examples of this would be Traptrix Myrmeleo(When this card: is normal summoned, you can add 1 "Hole" normal trap card from your deck to your hand) and  xx-saber emmersblade(When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "X-Saber" monster from your Deck) Also worth noting that while SS1 effects cannot chain to each other they CAN be activated at the same time. For example, lets say there are two emmersblades on the field in att pos, and one of them attacks the other. They are both activated upon destruction. And here is how it would resolve cuz i figure i may as well put this here. The attacking player has priority(prob wut it was called XD) and is activated first, then the 2nd one activates in the chain. But no, not wut ur thinking Razz The effects activaete like this: Attacking player's emmersblade > defending player's emmersblade and it RESOLVES like this defending player's monster > turn player's monster. The reason they resolve as such is because ALL CHAIN LINKS RESOLVE BACKWARDS I cannot stress enough how important that is.
    This is most of whats in SS1(on the top of my head anyways) So cards activated woud go like chain link 1 > chain link 2 > chain link 3 and than resolve from CL3 onwards.

    SS 2
    This includes everything that isn't speed 1 and a counter trap(speed3)
    So yeah if this isn't a normal spell, trigger effect, or a counter trap, then it's speed 2.
    Quick spells, normal traps, continuous traps, quick monster effs(like effect veiler and felgrand), ect

    SS 3
    The only SS3 cards are counter traps. Not much else to say xD

    So now some more important stuff. Cards cannot be activated in resp to cards that resolve faster than themselves, or rather, they cannot be chained to cards with a higher spell speed. So speed 1 cards CANNOT be chained to speed 2-3(or anything else for that matter xD) speed 2 CAN be chained to other speed 1 and 2 effects and CANNOT be chained to speed 3 effects. Speed 3, which only consist of counter traps, CAN CHAIN TO ANYTHING as long as it's, you know, mentioned in the card effect that it can xD So yeah in most case counter traps end chains unless ur opponent also has one.

    Hope ya found this helpful mb if i missed something. And im sure there is probably at least 1 exception to what i said. Feel free to post any questions u have below and ill answer them to the best of my ability as fast as possible ^~^

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