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    Bawb Test Results


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    Bawb Test Results

    Post by (Omega) Chaser on Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:26 pm

    Duel Results:

    {koa}kurimaster VS BawbTheAwesome
    Pure Karakuri vs Batteryman Hunders

    Outcome Of The Duel: 2-1 (5/10)

    Deck Rating: 25/40

    Main Deck Build: 6/10

    Side Deck: 4/10

    Extra Deck: 6/10

    Deck's Creativity: 9/10

    Dueling Skills: 20/30
    Knowledge Of Cards: 5/10

    Concentration: 8/10

    Control Of The Duels: 7/10

    Duel Knowledge: 6/20
    Misplays: 2/10

    Rulings Quiz: 4/10

    Notes: you made quite a few misplays and that's what kept you from reaching a higher dorm. You might want to work on the siding a bit in my opinion u should be running cards like maxx c and maybe add a denko sekka or two in the main deck that would make the deck better. 

    The xyz choices you made and what timing you made them was not that great game 1 was strong. like if you went into castel instead of 101 u could've won. Also you could use delteros instead of making 2 rank 4 and saved the batteryman AA for later game 2. 

    Also if you test again i suggest using a deck your more familiar with. you said you just made the deck. If you used a more familliar deck. Overall welcome to the academy. Keep practicing and you'll rank up. Welcome to Vanishing green! Smile 

    Total Score: 56/100
    Welcome To Vanishing Green

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