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    Costs by SirGingerBread


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    Costs by SirGingerBread

    Post by SirGingerBread on Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:36 pm


    Costs are treated as an action that must be completed to complete another action.  

    The most common types of costs are paying life points, tributing, discarding, sending a card to the graveyard, banishing a card, and detaching a xyz material.

    You must completely fulfill the requirements of a cost to activate the effect.  For Example you cannot activate salvage with only 1 monster in your graveyard.

    The tributed monster in a tribute summon is counted as a cost to summon a level 6 or higher monster.

    Activation Costs
    You can tell what is the cost by the semicolon before the rest of the effect.  This starts a chain or joins a chain that has already started.  Note: You pay the activation cost then the card is placed on the chain. If the card effect is negated by something like solemn judgement the cost is still paid because solemn judgement cannot be chained until the cost has been paid.  

    Maintenance Costs
    This type of cost is paid usually during the stand by phase or the end phase.

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