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    Gucci Gucci's Test Results


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    Gucci Gucci's Test Results

    Post by ~Wizard~ on Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:51 pm

    ~Wizard~ vs Gucci Gucci
    Noble Knights vs Lightsworn Rulers
    Outcome of the duel: 0/10

    Main Deck Build: 8/10 - Gucci knew exactly how to play Lightsworn Rulers; he was running a standard build.
    Side Deck: 7/10 - Few cards in his side deck can combat other decks, while the rest are support.
    Extra Deck: 9/10 - All cards used in his Extra Deck are solid, but he is running 1 card that is very inconsistent to summon, especially considering his deck is Lightsworn Rulers.
    Deck's Compatibility: 7/10 - For the most part, his use of the resources he had were sufficient, although some cards seem out of place.

    Knowledge of Cards: 8/10 - He knew what his own card effects did, even when I questioned them, he could tell me the correct answer, but not quite the correct reason. He understood my cards, but in some places seemed befuddled.
    Concentration: 8/10 - He was primarily concentrated on our duel, but he would sometimes forget the Lightsworn's mandatory effects of milling cards.
    Control of the Duels: 7/10 - The game went back-and-forth between the both of us with control. I would not be surprised if I had lost the first duel if he thought his moves through thoroughly.

    Misplays?: 7/10 - Again, if he had thought his moves through just a little bit longer, he could have seen many more options for his victory.
    Ruling Quiz: 1/10

    Congrats on Vanishing Green!

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