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    Exta deck building: Do's and the Don'ts



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    Exta deck building: Do's and the Don'ts

    Post by B@T on Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:13 pm

    Extra Deck Building: Do's and the Don'ts

    Here Are Some Basic Do and Don't
    1. Always Be Aware of What You Can Accomplish
    2. Have Some Diversity(This Follows Number 3)
    3. No 3 of a Kind

    1.Always Be Aware of What You Can Accomplish
    When your building an extra deck, you should always consider what your deck can and cannot accomplish. I have seen many decks trying to stretch their extra deck to their fullest potential. I consider an deck somewhat similar to stitches from an injury: you can move but never try to break the stitching. Same thing applies where you want an extra to accomplish something but if you try to stretch it, then you having a wasted space in the deck and you would not accomplish the main focus of the deck.

    2. Have Some Diversity(This Follows Number 3)
    An extra deck should be like a Swiss army knife: many tools to work with. Some decks needs to be diverse to have many options late in the game which always helps. If you have less tools and you do not have the right tools for the right job, then you are going to have to go back to rebuilding your extra deck.

    3. No 3 of a Kind
    Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum decks should NOT have 3 of every card you want in the extra deck. Rule 2 applies to this because if your have too many of a few cards, then your options are going to be limited and your going to give up in a situation where a diverse extra deck could be more useful to help your deck. Not alot of decks use 3 of a kind with the closest being 2 of a certain card in the extra deck or different rank and/or levels to be able to have different moves for the deck to accomplish. This allows the deck to be at its peak potential knowing it is everything that can be done for the deck. Having 2 of a certain card is more possible than having 3 of each card especially in extra decks.

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