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    BrownNinja12s test results

    (Omega) Chaser

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    BrownNinja12s test results Empty BrownNinja12s test results

    Post by (Omega) Chaser on Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:30 pm

    Duel Results:
    (omega) chaser vs brown ninja 12
    blackwings vs noble knights
    Outcome Of The Duel: 0-2 (0/10)
    Deck Rating: 24/40
    Main Deck Build: 7/10
    Side Deck: 2/10
    Extra Deck: 9/10
    Decks' Creativity: 6/10
    Dueling Skills: 20/30
    Knowledge of cards: 6/10
    Concentration: 10/10
    Control Of The Duels: 4/10
    duel knowledge: 13/20
    Misplays: 8/10
    Ruling Quiz:5/10

    Total Score 57 Welcome to vanishing green Very Happy

    Mimicry Purple: 0-40
    Vanishing Green: 41-65
    Impale Red: 66-85
    Tribute Blue: 86-100

    Comments: I know you didn't get a great start game 1 but you should've won game 2 in my opinion because of gwen. 2 things I wanted to say that could help you get better at the game. The side choices in ur deck aren't the greatest. i'd reccommend putting in floodgates due to nekroz and other decks that like to overwhelm ur opponent. veiler/fiendish chain wouldnt hurt as well in the side/main. The other is u didn't use gwen's optional effect to avoid destruction. that costed you game 2. So make sure you have knowlage of the cards when you use them and test the deck out. So just make sure to test with a deck u really know. I'd be more than happy to help you get really good at the game. Hope to see you at the forum and ask if you need anything. Very Happy anyways next time u retest you should totally rank up Smile

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    BrownNinja12s test results Empty Re: BrownNinja12s test results

    Post by BrownNinja12 on Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:27 pm

    Yea. This deck is built off my irl deck, so I know it isn't great. I don't really rely much on the side deck, since there really aren't many cards I would willingly take out of the main,and I am exicted to work with Vanishing Green!

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