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    yugioh wars: chapter 5 section one training level up


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    yugioh wars: chapter 5 section one training level up

    Post by kingofblades on Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:41 pm

    Man it can be easy getting sidetracked while you are side track in college.

    During lunch time a drill sergeant entered the mess hall " All recruits listen up." He shouted. “. Starting at 0100 hours will be specialty training that will last for 2 hours. You will be given slips on where to go and weapons training will start tomorrow. Everyday of the week you will wear standard gear. Not your specialized gear and weapons. Learning your specialized weapons will happen at Monday, That will take up your specialty training. Also you will learn how to maintain, control and learn more about your powers. Dueling will happen each week at 0200 hours to 2130 hours just for a reminder. That is all, carry on with your lunches." he said in a lower voice. " Sir yes sir". All of the recruits said.

    at Yuri table " Well two weeks of hell is over it seems." Yuri said. " Awwwwwwwww. I wanted to continue it like a boss." Rancho said. " I knew you were the only one who like it." Tony said. " I am the only one... Danm." Rancho responded. " I told you so. Not my fault you didn't listen. Who the dumb dumb now?" Fista, Rancho younger sister said. " Aw why you so mean to me Sis?"Rancho ask. " Because I am a hard ass bitch. The." Fista replied. Then someone new came to the table. " Hi everyone my name is Daniel Morningstar age 23." Daniel said. Fista whispered to Tony because he was next to her. " He has multiple personality disorder. He's going to act nice to try and get what he wants from you in a greedy way. “Gaia told me about him." Fista said. Zack heard it. " I heard of her but how does she know?" Zack ask. " She is, and don't mention this, his Mother. She is thirteen years older than him. She was having her cousin well one of them look after him. Gaia went to go fight it was her lifelong goal she always wanted to even if that meant that she would die. She was doing it for him mostly but when the war began. Gaia was desperate to protect him. Somehow he followed her and joined her. Gaia is one of my best friends, well the only one. He can be cold hearted but that's because..” Fista said then got interrupted.

    after eating some food and in cheerful voice. " So you are all duelist well that nice I am one too. I just realized you already knew that. Ah geez." Daniel said. " That's alright." Rancho said. Then Daniel saw Gaia and she just got her food and sat down to the left of Fista. " Oh ya Gaia is pissed off." Fista said. Daniel was kind of scared voice " Hi mom how are you?" He ask. " I see you made friends with my Friends Fista that good. We all became friends during the sparing periods we had if they didn't tell you that." Gaia said. "No they did". Fista said. "Finally we get into combat trying with guns. Time for us to get taught what we were supposed to learn at last, I am tired of not getting trained in using guns.. That was probably the purpose of us sleeping for two hours. For endurance." Yuri said. " it's not good to talk about that stuff you will get everyone in trouble for saying your opinion. Don't be stupid." Danie said. " So that your other split personality and no it fine when we aren't training." Yuri said. "Oh okay. Sorry about yesterday mom." Daniel said. " Don't call me that.” Gaia said in an angry voice.” Jt you have been oddly quiet you okay?" Gaia ask. " Oh I'm fine, it's just that it seems weird. I don't know about you but I haven't really gained new attacks or something like that. Is it because I am not that good with it?" Jt wonder." Nah, don't think like that bro. Your great and you got the swagger just like the rest of us." Rancho said. " They have a field up that keeps us from gaining any powers until next Monday when they turn off the fields in our training area. The moment it goes off then you will know and see your new abilities. I was told that before I got over here.” Yuri stated.

    Afterwards they went to train more and as told they practice with weapons but before they did that they had go under a bar wires while live machine gun fire was going on. It was suppose to get the fear out of them. It did well mostly, one male recruit got up because of his fear and he got killed despite Rachon and Josh best efforts to prevent it. Zed was ticked off they did it again and again on different days. They learned the field work that they had to do. This is what they would be if they went out onto the field.

    Saddie is a combat medic, cloak sniper, Jt is a heavy machine gun taction. Tony is a Crowd control traction. Zack is a Recon assault specialist. Josh is a close quarter close combat specialist. Jeremy is an all purpose combat, jet pack unit. Gaia is an teach recon unit. Yuri is a tacation assault unit. Rancho is an action assault specialist. Giovanni is an sabotage anti- armor unit. Nathan is an sabotage grenadier unit. Edward si a vehicle greader specialist. Ben is a explosives heavy machine gun unit. Chase is a stealth anti infantry unit. Saren is an Recon sniper unit. Daniel would be a anti- light armor defense specialist Fista is an tech close combat specialist.

    When they day came to test out their powers the trainees well one quarter of them. There were these blacks walls up in the training room. A lot of hexagon like devices. " This may be those things the prevent our power from increasing. Why are the guards heavily armed for?" Ben thought. He looks around and see heavy soldiers around the area. There were some who were unarmed but still heavily armoured. " I would hate to get hit by one of those things. If I heard right from the military channel those guns can rip thou tanks. Heavy machine guncannons are nice if they are not getting used against you." Edward thought. " uh may I can't cause any problems ain't worth it with these many guys around.” Saren thought. " All right little girly girls. Today you will start using your abilities today. When you are told to go to an area you do when you enter an area is until one of us or corporeal tell you to stop and leave the area. Listen to them at all time. If you dare to try to hurt or kill someone you will be beaten up if you to hurt someone you will lock up in the "the box" if you try to kill we are kicking your ass out. If it nothing that bad we will let it go. Alright you guys can start now." A drill sergeant said. " Thank you drill sergeant. Now then line up in 6 rows. Don't us wait." a corporeal said. Every hurried to get in line. It took 5 seconds. " outstanding kittens. I could hug you. Now then you see those color hexagons and the colored lines on the wall those are areas you are not leave until one of us or a drill sergeant tells you to. Their a little test you got got to do if you fail you got one more chance to to do it. Go when I call your Dam row. First person in line only others will have to wait until called. After you are done go back In line. Alright kittens row one go red " another corporeal said. the first went and each time time a row is called they will run to the area. " row two yellow, row 3 red, row 4 orange, row 5 grey, and row 6 brown area. Alright good kittens I don't have to tell you to go. Alright now we we shall begin. Bring them in." The corporeal said.

    Then guards brought in prisoners and put them in each area then they gave a combat knife to the trainees who were in the area with a cloth and a small box with water. T " Alright you see these guys all are murders they can't do anything at all. they is sealed up tight so you can have fun killing them. Take that knife and kill them. Try not to make a big. It alright if you do but we would like it if you do. As long as you kill your prison. These guys the government don't give one single Damn about and they don't. Also we don't care how you kill them if you can't kill we will give you another chance if you fail we mold ya a bit. If that doesn't work you will be put in the reserved force if if you pass the test and their you can learn how to kill." Zed said A Towle was place down near the prisoners at each station.. " Okay deactivate the field in the areas." Zed said.The hexagon devices went off and it was easy to tell as well. " All right begin." Zed said. Ben was in red and and the prisoner then he got the knife in his hands. " let me guess you use use to use to be a fat lady ass before before they before they gave you that new body. You and your family also your bucking union Trainees are lucky are useless." the prisoner said. " You're going to die painfully." Ben said as he got cluch the knife in his fist. He got his knife and cut the prisoner eyes and he screamed. Then he cut his ears off then nose then he puts his throat and killed him the prisoner was screaming the whole time while he was Alive. Then Ben glowed blue for 5 seconds. " So that how we can tell if we get more powerful. All of the information on on how on how to on how to use my new ability and attacks are in my head and I know how to use them." Ben thought. " that is is what will happen to you when when you get power up!" Zed yield.

    More screaming came followed by more beach and they prisoners wanted to insult the trainees thus they did. Let just say a lot of blood was in the floor and on the wall. There were some organs on the floor. Some mentions are that Saren TOOK his time with his. Tony rip out his guy moth by first cutting his face to make it possible. Then he rip it off why because he keep saying " fuck you" and he had punk like face. Edward kill his prisoner like a badass and some corporeals and drill sergeants went " Dammmm" at the same time. Fista sexualy kill hers becuase he was begin sexist to her. Giovanni prisoner was saying "big ass", "big ass dumbass" and other things, Giovanni and He sliced his eye cut off his tongue and slice his neck and then he went back in the line. Saddie soccer kick her prisoner head off and some corporeals clap for laugh. After They were all done and all pass. The knives were arsenal cards and Sadie had the knife attach to her boot as well just in case you want to know. The guns were for the prisoner if they tried to escape.

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