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    Blue-Eyes King's Test Results


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    Blue-Eyes King's Test Results

    Post by ab9999 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:35 pm

    Duel Results: 0-2 (0/10)
    ab9999 vs blue-eye king
    Fire Fist vs Dark World

    Deck Rating: 29/40

    Main Deck Build: 7/10
    How did the deck look? Can it adapt to difficult situations?Are there any cards that the deck needs? Is there any cards that hinder the deck more then it helps? (Try to base this off common sense about the deck and not personal opinion as best as possible.)
    Got the main cards to make it work but u should add some other stuff to make it move faster and be more consistent we had some pms on dat ;p

    Side Deck: 4/10
    Can the cards in this side deck work against many or few decks? Did it have proper cards or does it look like it was made in five minutes with no effort and won't help in a duel at all?
    Side deck is pretty limited and for the most part meta decks arnt hurt by it. You should try maining/siding mistake/mind crush and then you can try some other sides like iron wall to since banishing hurts you(grapha) and stops some nekroz plays. Some other common sides u can try are maxx c, d.d. crow, shared ride, dark hole/raigeki, etcetera

    Extra Deck: 8/10
    Is the extra deck relevant or does it got level 8 xyzs in a constellar deck?Can this extra deck help is a tough spot? Will this extra deck help the testee make a comeback or is it nearly impossible?
    Should add some rank 3, i suggest leviair since works well with field spell

    Decks' Creativity: 10/10
    Is the deck used often? Was the build unique or did it look like ti was netdecked?

    Dueling Skills: 24/30

    Knowledge of cards: 10/10
    Did the testee know his own card effects and know how to use them well? Was your opponent misplaying due to lack of knowledge to his card effects? None of dat stuff

    Concentration: 10/10
    Could the testee concentrate on the duel or was he/she distracted? Was the Testee misplaying frequently?

    Control Of The Duels: 4/10
    Who was the obvious duelist in control throughout the duels? (If your opponent topdecks something insanely lucky and wins fast afterwards it can affect the score if the tester is winning for the most part.) For the most part he was just defending, not many pushes and i often had counters to his plays :/ Wasnt able to establish control on board and just sat on grapha + 1-2 sets most of the time.

    duel knowledge: 15/20

    Misplays: 10/10
    For every misplay -2 (Points cannot go into the negative)

    Ruling Quiz: (5/10)

    Testers final thoughts: try to give as much feedback as possible so the testee can know what they need wrong and learn how they can get better

    So many pms.... ;-; Meh ur not bad duelist/player so dont limit urself and try other decks as well as learn some of the more complex rules in the game


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    Seven Of Nine

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    Re: Blue-Eyes King's Test Results

    Post by Seven Of Nine on Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:28 pm

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