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    Dragon Bane's Test Results


    {Oblivion} Eren

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    Dragon Bane's Test Results

    Post by {Oblivion} Eren on Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:52 am

    Duel Results:
    {Oblivion} Eren vs. Dragon Bane
    60 Card Fire Fist vs Yang Zing
    Outcome Of The Duel: 4/10 I won 2-1

    Deck Rating: 27/40

    Main Deck Build: 8/10

    Your main deck looks nice! However, It looks like it has a lot of potential to brick, with 3x Supply Squad and 3x Path. Don't get me wrong, both are great cards, but path is a little conditional if you cant setup, and 3x supply squad cloggs up backrow and your hand. The rest looks pretty good (nice tech of the Zefta monsters).

    Side Deck: 2/10

    Your side deck doesnt show capibility to handle the meta (outside of 2x Mask of Restrict). It looks like it can change its playing style with all the syncho monsters in the extra deck, but not by much.

    Extra Deck: 9/10

    Your extra deck looks like it should in Yang Zings. I'd opt out some of the Yang Zing synchros, for versitility reasons.

    Decks' Compatibility: 8/10

    Your OTK in Game 1 was very nice. It proved to me you knew how to play your deck well, and told me to crank up my skill a little to match. Game 2 you bricked, and Game 3 was a stall fest. I would work on not clogging up backrow; outside of that, you did a great job!

    Dueling Skills: 26/30

    Knowledge of cards: 9/10

    You played your deck very well, the only thing was forgetting the draw from Supply Squad is mandatory. Other than that, very good!

    Concentration: 10/10

    Concentration throught the entire match.

    Control Of The Duels: 7/10

    You destroyed me Game 1, you bricked Game 2, and you were able to keep up with me Game 3 (for the most part).

    duel knowledge: 14/20

    Misplays: 10/10
    For every misplay -2 (Points cannot go into the negative)

    Ruling Quiz: 4/10

    Total: 71/100

    Welcome to Impale Red!

    Fix up your side deck, and mess around with the ratios of your draw cards, and your extra deck; you can easily get Tribute Blue (maybe even Revolution Black)!

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