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    Yugioh wars: chapter 4 duel training last section


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    Yugioh wars: chapter 4  duel training last section Empty Yugioh wars: chapter 4 duel training last section

    Post by kingofblades on Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:16 pm

    I lost this duel so i had to retype it. It is Saddie (Gusto) vs Edward (Battlin' Boxers) Burning knuckle is the Japan manga in Yugioh Zexal or in the Manga in general it called that. So for this story that what they are going to be called. Yes Zexal suck because of Yuma mostly I know. I am giving you the fuel duel. Also in duels the reading is different. it Saddie said "Bla bla." instead of "Bla,bla" Saddie said.

    Near where Giovanni is at he is trying collect his feelings and thoughts after the 2 weeks of hell. It like a little break for him and he is looking for people to duel.  He can’t find anyone to duel.  He thought “I can still pass dueling without dueling others. I would still like to duel them but it okay. I am done collecting on my feels and such. Oh Saddie and Edward are dueling.

    Saddie said “time to go down mate. I draw. I think I summon out Gusto Gulldo in attack mode. I will set 2 cards. I finish my turn.” Edward said. “Alright it my turn. I will active foolish burial. I will send Burning Knuckles (Battlin’ Boxer) Glassjaw to the graveyard. Now I will summon Burning Knuckles Switchitter(r in attack mode (1000). When he is normal summoned I can target one “Burning Boxer” From my graveyard and special summon it. I will special summon Burning Knuckle Glassjaw in attack mode (2000).” Saddie responded “No exceeding for you. Want to know why? I tell ya because now I active this trap card Icarus attack. I can tribute one of my Winged-beast monster to select two cards on the field and destroy them. I will tribute Gusto Gulldo to blow up both of your Burning Knuckles. Now since Gusto Gulldo was sent to the graveyard I can special summon one “Gusto” monster from my deck that is level 2 or lower from my deck I will summon out  Gusto Egul.” Edward said “Well I will just set two an end my turn.” Both have three cards in their hand.
    Saddie said “It my turn I draw. Now I will summon Gusto thumbhole. The position does not matter because now I will Synchro him with Gusto Egul in order to synchro summon into Daigusto Sphreeze in attack mode (2000 attack points). When this card is Synchro summoned I can add one “Gusto” monster from my graveyard to my hand. I will add Gusto Gulldo from my graveyard to my hand. Now I will attack.” Edward said “I active a monster effect from my hand burning knuckles Veil. When I take battle damage I can special summon this card from my hand and I gain the life points I just lost.” Edward got hit by Daigusto Sphreeze by her sword and he special summons By Saddie said “I end.” Edward said “It my turn I draw. Now I will summon Burning knuckles Sparrer. I will use both him and Burying knuckles Veil in order to build the overlay network and exceed summon into Burning knuckles Lead Yoke. Now I will attack.”  Lead yoke punches Daigusto Sphreeze it has 200 more attack points but it failed to destroy Daigusto Sphreeze. Then Sphreeze shots a wind blast at Edward. Saddie said “You forgot that Daigusto Sphreeze effect. It can’t be destroyed by battle. I know you remember the first part. Were you taking all battle damage from attacking any one of my Gustos and that also goes for me attacking you?” Edward said “Well I will end my turn.” Edward has 3800 life points left.

    Saddie said “Guess what it my turn I draw. I summon Gusto Gulldo in attack mode (500 attack points). Now I will attack Burning Knuckles Lead yoke.”  Gusto Egul makes and attack but it gets punches and is destroyed. Daigusto Sphreeze shoots a wind blast at Edward and Edward grunts. Edward is at 2100. “I will get Gusto Gulldo effect off and summon Winda, Priestess of Gusto in attack mode. Daigusto Sphreeze will attack your yoke.” The same thing happened last time and Now Edward is at 1900. “I end my turn.

    Edward said “I draw.” then he thought “Why did she not summon Gusto Egul? Daigusto Sphreeze effect would go off and I would lose 2000 life points after Daigusto Sphreeze made it attack before or after that. Ugh she wants a challenge. She wants to win to make it 2 and 2 for our decks to make their wins and losses even.” Edward said “Alright I will activate Dark hole it destroys all monsters on the field. But I will use Burning Knuckles Lead Yoke effect to protect itself and it also going to gain 800 attack points.” A dark hole appears and sucks all Gusto monster into it Burning Knuckles Lead Yoke now has 3000 attack points Saddie says “I will active a spell card emergency teleport Now I can special summon a level 3 or lower Psychic monster from my deck but at the end phase it is banish. I will summon Pilica, Descent of Gusto from my deck. When it summoned I can special summon a “Gusto” monster from my graveyard? It will be up in face up defense position and it effect is negated. Also Pilica Descent of Gusto is in defense mode. I chose Winda, Priestess of Gusto.” Edward said.  “Now I will attack your Priestess. And guess what? I’m going to active and effect from my hand Burning Knuckles Counterpunch. When a Burning knuckles battle a monster I can banish him from my hand or graveyard and he gains 1000 attack points.” Burning knuckles (4000 until end of battle phase) Lead Yoke deal a heavy fire punch on Winda, Priestess of Gusto. Saddie lost 3000 life points. Saddie is now at 1000 life points. Saddie said “Now since was destroyed by battle her effect in the graveyard actives. It allows me to special summon one “Gusto” tuner from my deck. I will special summon Gusto Egul in defense mode.” Edward said “I end my turn. Now you’re Pilica, Descendant of Gusto is banishing because of emergency teleport.” Pilica, Descendant of Gusto is banishing by a teleportation.

    Saddie said “Alright it my turn draw. Let me guess you have two forgiven lances down. I active two Mystical space typhoons. Even though I have to activate them one at a time I’m just letting you know.” Saddie Mystical space typhoon went and destroyed both of his set cards one after the other. Both were forbidden lance. “Now I will active a spell card Quill pen of Gulldos. I can Target two WIND monsters in my graveyard and one card on the field. The two WIND monsters in my graveyard go back to my hand and the targeted card on the field get returned to the deck. I chose Burning Knuckles Lead yoke.” Saddie gets two WIND monsters in her graveyard and added them to her hand then Burning knuckles Lead Yoke go surrounded by Quills and disappeared.” I summon Gusto Thunbolt. Now I will Synchro Gusto Egul with Gusto Thunbolt in order to summon Orient Dragon in attack mode. (2300) Now Orient Dragon attacks his life points directly.”  Orient Dragon shoots out a power wind dragon breath wave at Edward and it knock him down. Edward life points are at -400. Saddie wins.

    “Alright I won.” Saddie said as she did a hip, hip hooray jump.” That makes it even two to two.” Edward got up “GG (Goodgame) Saddie.” Edward said. “You to Edward. Hold on a second.” Saddie used the win to turn invisible and she went to some male trainees that were goggling eye her. She grabs both of their head then slams them down hard by lifting them up and slamming them down. She got out of her Invisibility. “That what ya get… Damn you shit heads look ugly. Hahahahahahahaha.”Saddie said and laugh. Edward then facepalm. Saddie layer on them which was crushing their bones. They tried to plead for help but no Trainee would. The Drill sergeants told them to get out of it themselves. They could not and they stayed like that until the dueling session was done. Also Saddie keep hitting them from time to time. The trainee just laughs at the two and completed Saddie.

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