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    Yugioh wars chapter 4 duel training section one


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    Yugioh wars chapter 4 duel training section one Empty Yugioh wars chapter 4 duel training section one

    Post by kingofblades on Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:04 pm

    Two new peps join us today. Gaia and Fista. Also Chase duels aganist a trainee that is using classic Heroes with his Gishki deck. Yes Fista has 5 decks.

    During lunch time when Josh and Jeremy were eating and the table two female soldier went to them “Hey can we sit here?” One ask in a British voice.  “Oh okay.” Josh replied. “Thank you.”  The other one said.They sat down. “Gaia,” The British voice one said. “Fista.”  The Japanese voice one said. “You two are the two of the 3 fighter queens.”  Josh said. “You let us sit down because you know that. Hu great.” Gaia said. Giovanni was also with them. “We did not know that you were until you told us. It doesn’t matter to us if you are or not.”  Giovanni  quickly said. “Oh well that new. Most boys would try and whoop us. Even though we can easily beat the majority of the males here. I bet only half will pass the final tests.”  Fista claimed probably. What do you guys think?”  Gaia ask.“eh too early to tell.”It could happen though.” Jeremy said.   “Yep.” Josh said. “Is heraldic beast and heroic champion good decks?” Fista ask. “Forgive her she has self-doubts of the decks she chose. She has five decks. ”  Gaia said Then  “Are beast good? yes they are very powerful and that has their own exceed spell card and monster reborn. Plus that search power.” Giovanni said. “Heroic Challenger is fun to play and it would be a good back up deck.”  Josh said. “I also have amazons.”  Fista ask. d“I played that deck do you use magnum shield cause if you do that is fabulous.  Reinforcement of the army get them big searches off, get Zubaba general out use it effects  then use the shield boom over power in attack points. Oh it better with Excalibur. Use shield on him he a 4,000 then use it effect 8,000. Giovanni said.” “Yep instant 4,000 beaters.” Josh said The decks that you are using you are using mystical space typhoon? You're using it right?”  Josh ask. “Yes but Gaia convince me to use them.” Fista said.  “Good cause you are going to need them. If you have night beams side them in if you want.  The enemy is probable going to be using a lot of mirror forces, a lot of bottomless trap holes and such. It  a staple .It goes with any deck.” Josh said. “see I am not the only one.” Gaia said.

    Some time has pass during lunch.“Alright listen up rookies.”  A sergeant said. Everyone then look at him “Since all of you are here I am going to say this now. From now on today you will be dueling one a week on Wednesdays 1900 hours to 2000 hours. Then on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be unit training. Then on all other times it will be specialty training. There is a form on each of your bunk beds. Sign them out and turn them in into your sergeant as soon as possible tomorrow. You may proceed of what you are doing.” The sergeant said. Everyone did just that. We will go to the dueling time right now. during their first dueling training day a trainee went to Chase “Hey weakling I channeled you to a duel after I beat you I will get my revenge on that Dillan guy.”  A trainee said. Chase looks at him “I don’t know what this about but I won’t let you get away calling me a weakling bitch. Time to get beat.” Chase said.“Good the duel field is on so you don’t lose you worthless lifeless piece of shit..”The trainee said.

    They got into the duel position and the trainee said also the same thing as last time I when they saying thing they go with the motion. “I will go first. I’ll show you who stronger have been holding my rage for a week and after I beat you I will prove that I am better and I will beat you. I draw. I summon elemental HERO Clayman in defense mode (face-up). Now I active the field spell skyscraper. After that I set one card face down and I end my turn. It your turn other earth fool.”  He has 3 cards left in his hand . Chase said “Oh that what this is about. I remember you ya I did 2-0  you in sparring.  Well you must hate people from the other earth as you call it. Alright then my turn I draw.” Then trainee said “About time moron.” Then Chase said “I am going to make you eat those words. I active Gishki Aquamirror this card is used to summon a Gishki ritual monster but thou I have to send monster with enough levels to equal that monster to the ritual gishki monster.” Then the trainee said “Ya, Ya I know how ritual spells work summon your stupid Gishki already moron.” Then Chase said “Hold onto your pants. I use Gishki Shadow as the monster and if it getting used for a ritual summon of a Gishki monster it can be used for the entire thing so I don’t need to use anymore monsters. I ritual summon EviGishki Soul Ogre in attack mode. I active it special ability once per turn I can discard a Gishki monster from my hand to target one of your monsters and return it to the deck. Their goes your defense. I bet you don’t have a response when I attack. By the way I attack.”  Ogre hit the trainee and with a punch in the face and he goes down. Then the trainee spits out blood. Now he is at 1200 life points. “Now I summon Gishki abyss in face-up defense mode. When it summoned I can add one Gishki monster from my hand to the deck with one thousand defense points or less.  I am going to add Gishki Zielgigas to my hand. I set one card down and I end my turn scrub. ” Chase has 2 cards left in his hand and is at 4000 life points.”

    Then the trainee said “You’re the scrub here I draw. I active a spell card miracle fusion. Now I can banish monster from my graveyard hand or field in order to fusion summon an elemental hero monster. I banish elemental hero Neos form my hand and elemental hero wildheart in order to fusion summon elemental hero Gaia. When he is summoned out I can target one of your monster and half it attack and Gaia gains that attack but it attack is half only for this turn.” Then Chase responded “I activate my trap card Compulsory evacuation device. I can target one monster on the field and return it to the hand. Target elemental hero Gaia but in this case it goes back to the extra deck. Then the trainee said “Ugh well I... I set one card face down and end my turn. Just try to attack and you will regret it.” He has 2 cards in his hand. Then chase said “Oh ya sure right sure. I draw. Hahahahaha alright well let see if that card you just set is actually a threat. I activate mystical space typhoon. I can destroy one spell or trap card on the field chose the card you just set.” Chase saw the card before it was destroyed. “Hero signal really hahahahaha dude ya right you don’t have any monsters on the dam field how was that supposed to stop me. That bluff was horrible and a dead giveaway. You really are a scrub. Alright EviGishki Soul Ogre attack this scrub life points directly.” It this him and he fly back hitting the ground and he get bruises and temporary scares. With some blood coming from his lips. His life points are now – 1600 life which is lower than zero so Chase wins the duel. Chase said “Stop this crap or else next time I will humiliate you even more.”

    “You haven't seen the last of our group. We will control all of the trainees and after that we will control who passes and who doesn’t.”  The trainee said. then there was laughing around them they both look around. “Oh a group that will control everyone ya sure right. He a retard and that so called group.”a different  trainee said. Then chase stop looking and walk away “That Gishki player knows that we're not laughing about him right?” a different  trainee said “ He knows.”The one that he talk to said.

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