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    Yugioh wars chapter 2 part 2 last section. Leaving.


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    Yugioh wars chapter 2  part 2 last section. Leaving. Empty Yugioh wars chapter 2 part 2 last section. Leaving.

    Post by kingofblades on Wed May 13, 2015 1:07 pm

    Sorry i was focus and caught up by school stuff but here is the last part for this secetion.

    “Heroes for the freaking win.”Josh shouted in happiness  “You know what I don’t really want to duel anymore sorry guys.”  Chase spoke. “Alright.”  Nathan said as he got up.“Just send zack to go get his deck as well. I am bad.” Chase complained. “It wouldn’t really bother him.” Tony told Chase Then Zack and Giovanni came in the room then “It's okay dude I heard you, Giovanni found a BOOK left by someone. It says on the front for “New people read this.” Zack told them.“Hey Jt can you read this?”Giovanni ask Jt. “Uh sure.”  It said. Giovanni gave it to Jt then Jt took it. Jt look at them “you want me to read it now?” Jt ask.  “Ya” the others on their own time.

    Jt opened up the small Notebook “Alright here we go.”He says as he went on.” This is what he saids or her, I'm just guessing that it's a he. “Due to the fear of getting in trouble I will not tell you who I am, I am from your world and I am a "geniuses" soldier. I found a small notebook as well as this copy version and surprisingly it's up to date. I needed to edit and change some things for this journal to make any sense. I made a copy just in case the original was found, which it was and destroyed. Do not bring this notebook with you. Right before you leave put this book right back where you find it. Trust me on this. Now down to business. If you are reading this then you probably already got an orb from the protics. Yes it makes you powerful and all. But if you want to get more powerful I suggest you do what they tell you. With that said what I am about to tell you is inevitable since you got an orb. The orbs that you got are slowly transforming you into an organic energy being. Basically you will be an extremely powerful living generator. Luckily there is no real way that the energy portion of you can be used against you. If they try to use it against you, know that it will have no effect on you. Trust me please! It will take at least one year and three months for you to fully change. If you want to have partial immortality then these orbs are a godsend because when you do change, as long as you put any energy in you, you will be able to live forever. Provided you don't get fatally wounded somehow. Do not forget that even if the enemy isn't using cards against you. On the bright side that would require a lot of firepower. It will hurt but not as bad as it normally would when you are HUMAN. Do not forget my warning. Never mention this to anyone. The higher echelons of the Union and alliance chain of command know about this. They want Soldiers like me and I guess they made a deal with the Protics. . .Don’t worry when you change you will be fine our organic parts will always come back even if it blown to ashes. You will be able to feel and have emotions and you will be able to think but you will have no organs. Your body and power will multiply times 30. You will be able to see farther than you ever could, you will be able to do superhuman like things. Sorry but you have to give up your humanity weather you like it or not. Oh the guy had a workout schedule and I tried it. It works out well so please do it. It will help but you won’t be ready for the training even if you train 24/7. Even if the training is hardcore you still won’t be ready. Good luck Soldiers.That is all.”

    “WHAT THE FUCK! WE ARE SOME SORT OF EXPERIMENTS?!” Tony yelled in anger  as he went on.” FUCK THE PROOTICS AND THE UNION!” “I can’t believe this. We're all just pets and tools to them.” Chase said in disbelief.  Ben was near the wall then he punched it “Oh sure we get more powerful and all that jazz, that's the only good part but not only are we soldiers, but we're lab rats.” “What do we do now?”  Jeremy ask“WHAT DO YOU THINK!?” Tony yelled in response. “WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT AND IT STUCK IN US AND WE NEED IT NOW OR WERE FUCKED! IT FUCKING SUCKS!” Tony took deep breaths. “thhhhhhhh” JT said then he took some deep breaths  “Okay there is no use getting worked up about this mess. Everyone calm down.” Jt told them.Everyone takes deep breaths and tries to keep their composure. Jt looks for the workout schedule when he finds"Okay I got the workout schedule so you guys want to do it now or no?”  He ask. “Alright” He others said.  Then they worked out and dueled until the 4th day arrived. When that day came all of them had 3 different types of attacks, a melee attack with magic, a buff up and a ranged attack. They also have a basic ability and they can tell what abilities they have. Some had defense boost or damage boost. They discussed their arsenal cards. They practiced their shooting skills on a wall. No Giovanni did not use his cannon on that because they did not want the place to collapse on them. They took no risk for it. Jt and Josh have heavy machine guns but at a certain point they stopped using them. For the rest of the time they basically woke up, went to the bathroom, washed some clothes, took a bath, eat, train some dual time, train, take lunch break, train, some dual time ,train, then when it time have dinner, train some more, dual time then train a bit more until they had to sleep. The others who did not duel yet will duel during training don’t you worry.

    On the 4th day while they were training in the weight room after Jt, Jeremy and Nathan was done with his rep then a Duelist alliance soldier came and opened the door to the weight room. Everyone looked at him when he opened up the door. Then the soldier look at them “Oh uh hi I’m private Humson with the duelist alliance. Whenever you are ready to go just come to the location where you arrived. I will take my leave now and I will be waiting over there. Take your time but we have to go before midnight.” He said. Then he closed the door and left. After a while Tony said “Giovanni you found it so go and return it. we'll try and make sure that they don’t get back there. Any others that come here have to know. Wait 5 minutes until we leave the bedrooms.” Tony told Giovanni “Okay but shouldn’t we take a bath.” Giovanni responded  “ eh sure lets do that first. It's best that we don’t waste any time so we can get stuff
    done over there.”It said then  the others agreed.

    They went to the bedrooms ,or the quarters if you prefer, and got their trademark clothes. Then they went into the showers and placed their clothes in the washroom Cabin so they wouldn't get wet. Giovanni got the small notebook from the quarters and placed it in the shower cabin where he found it and he takes a bath over there. Then everyone started taking a bath. What should we hurry up for? I just want to know. I am fine with it but still.”it ask them. t “ So we can finish anything that we have to do over their without having to worry about it at midnight. Like fill out paper forms or internet forms. They are advance so I am guessing it will be online I think.” Nathan said. “Hey guys these cabins are water proof right. This is the first time I put anything in there and I have seen you guys do it so yeah it is right?” Nathan ask. “ don't worry it's water proof.”  Josh said. “ I put the book back where I found it.” Giovanni said.T “Good.” Jt told him.“ Training is going to be one hardass bitch.” Chase said.  “ Word.” Tony said word in a gangster like voice. “I know right.” Josh said. “I wonder how everyone is doing at home?” Nathan ask. “ Probably worried about us.”Tony replied.   “ I know my mom is crying a river. Probably having police searching for us all and they won’t find us as far as we know.” Giovanni theorize. “ Yep same here. It's for their own good though, better than them suffering far more than they would be if we went back. Well I am done.” Jt claimed and said. T “ Me two.”  Zack replied. The two dried off and putted their clothes on and left at the same. The others then followed.

    They went to where they first came over on the first day after everyone was done. Of course they had their duel disk and decks and all that. They went to the soldier then “We are ready to go.” Jeremy said. Then the soldier turned his head and look at them “Follow me.”  He told them. They followed him outside. Their eyes hurt because they were inside for 4 days. Then they noticed ground vehicles. There were a couple of men outside of the vehicles as well.They went inside the vehicles. Then the vehicles started up and then they drove off.

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