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    It's your fault. [DISCLAIMER]


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    It's your fault. [DISCLAIMER]

    Post by RinTakasu on Fri May 08, 2015 8:40 pm

    *[DISCLAIMER]: This post contains content that may not be suited for all audience.

    I also suck at this game  Very Happy

    mmmm, you're going to wonder.

    Rin, What the f*** are you trying to teach?

    Being honest, I'm not trying to teach anything and more than a lesson I believe that this is an expression of my own opinion after dealing/spectating/watching many salty people.

    Well, as you have read the title of this post, the name is: "It's your fault" and I'm going to talk about something that... nobody really talks about, and that is losing.

    You see, many times when someone loses they tend to blame it on something irrational such as "Luck".

    If you're the kind of player that constantly whines about how "Lucky your opponent is" or how "Unlucky you are" then you're probably a loser  Sad , and yes, I do believe that sometimes you can get a really shitty hand and you can't do anything about it, but as probability states: "", this shouldn't happen that often.

    If you're the kind of player that loses really often and then uses this as an excuse, then there are only 2 possible outcomes:

    1. You didn't prepare enough: As in, you don't understand s**t about your deck and you probably net decked it or just built it because it "Theoretically works"[1], or maybe, you misjudged and misunderstood your opponent’s deck.

    2. You suck at the game: As in, you misplay and don't comprehend why you have misplayed.

    [1]: Making theories is fine, but you gotta prove that it works via testing, this way nobody can refute your argument and you are sure that what you're doing is effective.

    You didn’t prepare enough:

    Both of these can be fixed via game sense, and how do you gain game sense? You may ask, the answer is pretty simple: By constantly playing!
    “Game sense” is a fancy pair of words for "Experience".

    Clear examples from different games include:

    • LOL: Where to aim your skillshots and where to juke.
    • CS;GO: Where to preshoot and peek.
    • Starcraft: Scouting + Watching prebuilds.

    In Yu-Gi-Oh!: "Builds"
    Builds are pretty standard and you can infer what cards your opponent has by watching a few of his cards, like: "Hey, my opponent just activated Nekroz mirror, HE MUST BE PLAYING NEKROZ!!".

    Nobody prohibits you for going into the internet and watch some similar decks to learn what they often use, This is different from net decking because you're not copying what they're doing, you're learning how to play against it.

    So, if you lost against a specific meta deck, then it is 90% sure because you didn't prepare for it or because your deck just sucks against that one.

    I would like to speak more about this, but I don’t think that I’m the proper man to teach you on these kinds of things, but, if you’ve been alert on what I’ve been saying: this can be added to the “You didn’t prepare enough” argument, since you could have learned about your opponent’s deck or added a few Anti-Spell Fragrances in your side deck to compete, but in summary: “IT’S YOUR FAULT”.

    There’s also the chance that you didn’t build your deck properly and thought:


    Or on the other side of this specter:


    These are only 2 examples on "Preparations" and I'm pretty sure that there are many more out there.

    You suck at the game:

    Misplaying can only be fixed with constant practice, that’s it, there’s no argument nor anything to discuss in here, since it’s pretty obvious that misplaying is something that was 100% manipulated by you, no “luck” factor in here.

    I mean, if you’re playing and you have 2 cards on the field, one with 1800 ATK and the other one with 1500 and your opponent has only 1 with 1300 DEF and you hit him first with the monster that has 1800 ATK and at the end you lost by 300 LP, then that was 120% your fault.

    Or, if you have an MST in your hand, and set a trap card and then use MST on a set card and your opponent set card was another MST and he chains it to destroy your trap card, then that was also your fault.

    I could argue about why a loss is a personal merit for many hours, but, if I extend this post more I believe that nobody will read it so I guess I’ll end it here.

    After all of this said, remember something really important about a game: "You play it to enjoy it" so, don't get frustrated after losing a couple of matches, just learn from it and move on....

    TL;DR: Just have fun, because in the end, it is you who will determine what you do with the outcomes.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope that I didn’t insult anybody with this post.

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    Re: It's your fault. [DISCLAIMER]

    Post by Ptolemy on Fri May 08, 2015 11:26 pm

    That was a good "expression of your opinion" I used to blame my luck when I was a noob too LOL.Would play on rated and whenever I lost to a meta deck,I'd go all "F****** cunt playing a meta deck,why don't you make your own deck instead of netdecking blah blah blah" and all that until I realized it was pointless and that I'd just have to learn to deal with it.

    And yeah the first time I looked up decks on the net,I was actually trying to find out their weaknesses.Yeah I think this lesson or expression of your opinion or whatever you call it is very helpful.If anyone got hurt by this post,they're just being stupid

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