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    Shaddoll Card Guide


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    Shaddoll Card Guide

    Post by (Omega) Chaser on Fri May 01, 2015 9:08 pm

    Section 1: Main Monsters
    Section 2: Spell and Trap support
    Section 3: Fusion Monsters
    Section 1: Main Monsters
    Shaddoll Beast: The main draw engine in the deck. This is like a mini graceful charity for Shaddolls and also allows you to draw when its sent to the graveyard. I’d recommend running 3 due to its good effect. One tip that might help you in mirror matches is to tribute the fusion during main phase 2 to use its flip effect and to prevent your opponent from sending monsters. I recommend this card at 2-3.
    Shaddoll Dragon:  The Spell trap destroyer in the deck. This card allows you to destroy a spell trap. Its also a good 1900 beat-stick. Also it allows you to return a card to your hand. It’s hard to say what a good number to run with this card. I prefer it at 2 or 3 but you can run 1 if you feel like you may not need it.
    Shaddoll Squamata: this card combos well with your deck and helps make the deck consistent and helps maintain synergy in the deck. One helpful idea is to use it with construct to send an additional Shaddoll card to make it harder to chain to the Shaddoll effects and help thin the deck out faster. I recommend running 2-3.
    Shaddoll Hedgehog: The Main search part of the deck. When it’s sent to the grave by a card eff it searches a monster while when it’s flipped face-up allows you to search a powerful spell and trap card. I recommend this card at 2.
    Shaddoll Falco: This Is the main Graveyard support engine of the deck. This card pretty much special summons itself facedown when it’s sent by a card effect. But it also has an even more powerful flip effect. This card can special summon any Shaddoll monster from the grave. Even a fusion! I recommend 2 or 3.
    Section 2: Spell and Trap support:
    El Shaddoll Fusion: This card is a quick play spell card that fusion summons a Shaddoll monster from the extra deck by using Shaddoll monsters in the hand and field. This card can be used during the battle phase for a final swing for game and can also be used to respond to another card eff that destroys a selected card. This in my opinion is your most powerful spell card in the deck because it can make your opponent waste a card and allow you to plus even more! You probably will need to run 3.
    Shaddoll Fusion:  This is your second spell card. It has a huge strength while your opponent has an extra deck card on the field. This card will allow you to use fusion materials from your deck. This will allow you to make your opponent try to make different plays to try to prevent you from going into a huge plus. Also its good with pendulums. I personally like running 3 but depending on players choice I recommend running 2-3.
    Shaddoll Core:  This card is really good when used with Shaddoll Squamata. It also allows flexibility with plays because it summons itself as a monster and can allow you to fusion summon. Also it can be any attribute for the fusion. When Core is sent to the graveyard by a card effect it also adds a Shaddoll Spell/Trap card from deck. You don’t really want to open with this card. I recommend running only 1 because you can recycle it.
    Sinister Shadow Games: This drastically speeds up the deck. This card sends a Shaddoll card to the grave and then flips up all face-down Shaddoll monsters so you can activate the flip effects on your opponents end phase to further get your effects. This card is recommended at 2-3.
    Section 3: The Fusions
    El Shaddoll Construct: This is the main card that allows you to go into extra plays by sending an additional Shaddoll card from your deck. This allows you to go into an extra play in most cases by either gaining a +1 or +2 advantage. It has 2800 attack points and allows you to destroy any special summoned monster at the start of damage calculation. I recommend running 2-3
    El Shaddoll Winda: Can’t be destroyed by card effects and can only special summon once? This probably is the best Shaddoll fusion in my opinion. It allows you to pretty much shut down most if not all of your opponent’s plays by locking then down. This is a noteworthy stun card that should be run at 2.
    El Shaddoll Shekhinaga: This card can negate monster effects that activate on field by discarding a Shaddoll card from your hand. It also has an overwhelming 3000 def. This is a really good card to run in mirror matches as well because it is difficult to get over. I recommend it at 1-2.
    El Shaddoll Grysta: This card negates special summons and can prevent your opponent from over powering you late game. It has a really good effect but is a very difficult card to get out in most cases. I’d either not run it at all or run 1.

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