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    Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-Ups]


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    Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-Ups]

    Post by kingofblades on Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:44 am

    Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-ups]

    Sorry but this is long.

    It has been 20,000 years after the first Keyblade war. The number of Keyblade wielders has been raised highly. The dark seeker saga has not happened. Within this kingdom hearts universe there are Keyblade kingdoms.  There are 13 kingdoms. Here are the keyblade kingdoms. Take note that all kingdoms are lead by a grand keyblade master. The Golden sun kingdom which is lead by Sora. Dark moon kingdom lead by Riku. Heartland kingdom lead by Kairi. Howling winds kingdom lead by Ventus.  The Abyss kingdom leads by Aqua. The Gaia kingdom lead by Terra.  The Disney kingdom lead by King Mickey. The Inferno kingdom lead by Lea.  The light kingdom lead by Eraqus.  The Void kingdom lead by Vanitus .  The Dark Kingdom led by Xehanort.  The Twilight kingdom lead by Roxas. Lastly is the Macro kingdom. They are an all neutral and let other kingdom Keyblade wielders inside. It neutral kingdom lead by a Senate.

    In the Macro kingdom sudden disappearances of Keyblade wielders have been occurring. The Senate has hired Keyblade wielders to investigate into this matter. The Senate are afraid these Disappearances may be caused by the other Keyblade kingdoms.

    We will use command attacks from the games to use as attacks. For now these are the ones. The number next to them shows how much damage it does. If you hit a target with a our command attack like strike raid it will deal 40 damage plus since it a Physical attack your strength will boost the damage dealt to the target. So if you have 12 strength for example the attack will deal 52 damage. The enemy target can reduce the damage base on there defense. if they had 20 defense they would only take 32 damage. if was 52 or higher they will get no damage. You can only have one command with the same name. area attacks knock enemies back and range attacks well range attacks.

    Abilites are passive and can help you in battle. for now you can only choose two abilites for your starter abilities. a boost is worth 10 and resistances are 5. A health boost is 20. you ahve these options for now. Health boost,Attack boost,Magic boost, defense boost, speed boost, Thnder boost,Fire boost, blizzard boost, Aero boost, light boost and dark boost.

    Physical attacks: Power edge ( a powerful upward slash) 35 , Barrier surge (go forward with a abrrier that deals damage) 35 , Strike raid 40 ( the keyblade goes forward and comes back .range), Quick blitz ( a quick jump up and land a downward strike on a enemy)30 and quick dash (uh ya no need to say what it does) 30.

    Magic: ( all of these are range and deal 40 damage expect cure) Thunde(thunder hits the enemy from above) r,Blizzard (shoots an ice ball forward), Fire (fires a small fire ball), Aero ( range area and knocks an enemy back) Cure (heals 30% of your health), Light ( a beam of light), Dark(a dark orb blast)

    Charter template
    Your name
    Your person name
    Hair color
    Keyblade gilder looks
    home Kingdom
    command attacks
    Glider armor color
    Personality (you my add clothes)
    Back ground

    Height: 5, 8
    Weight: 180
    hair: black
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Keyblade:  White star, 3 strength, 3 magic, gives a boost in speed.
    Keyblade glider looks: it takes a shape of small race car.
    Keyblade color armor: black and white.
    home Kingdom: Abyss
    Class: Mage
    command attacks: Power edge, Blizzard, cure, thunder.
    Abilities: magic boost and Thunder boost
    Personality: He tends to think worst case scenario at times. He iffy on people at times. He does not know. Does not care that much for his siblings. He want to know the truth about things.
    Back ground: He is the second son of Aqua and Vanitus and the youngest of his siblings. He had a hard time growing up always tiring to meet his parent’s exportation's. He also had to cruel childhood.  He is one of the wielders hire by the senate.  

    classes and stats:
    Classes and stats

    Warrior: This class meets the enemy blade to blade and prefers melee combat over all others. Health 75 , Strength 5 magic 2, Defense 3,  speed 3.

    Mage: This class helps take the enemy down with powerful magic. They also give buffs and likes inflicting status effects. health 75, strength 2, magic 5, defense 3, speed 3.

    Scout: This class is fast and likes to be evasive. hey get ahead and get the first hit off.
    Health 50, Strength 3, magic 3, defense 2 ,speed 5.

    Trooper: This class is equal in every field but it not as good as the classes in there perspective field. health 75, strength 4, magic 4, defense 4 ,speed 4.

    Defender: This class is hard to knock down and they protect others. They also soak up damage. they are not fast though. health 100, Strength 3 , magic 3, defense 5, speed 2.


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    Re: Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-Ups]

    Post by Guest on Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:38 pm

    A. Make this readable.
    B. Use the tittle syntax. If I see one more RP that just starts off without an interest check or that doesn't use the title syntax, I will just delete the thread.

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    Re: Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-Ups]

    Post by kingofblades on Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:35 pm

    Okay i tried to fix things up i also added the stater attacks and abilities. sorry if this is worse
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    Re: Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-Ups]

    Post by Phantom Knight on Tue May 05, 2015 11:42 pm

    But i never even played Kingdom hearts Razz

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    Re: Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-Ups]

    Post by kingofblades on Wed May 06, 2015 6:33 am

    I will make things clear as we go onso it okay.

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    Re: Kingdom hearts: Grand keyblade war [OCC/Sign-Ups]

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