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    Yugioh wars chapter exploring and protic gifts. section 3


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    Yugioh wars chapter exploring and protic gifts. section 3

    Post by kingofblades on Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:22 pm

    At times i will have Ben said "ho." then Josh said "Hey." etc. Just to let you know. I'm thinking about doing 5 paragraphs per section. If you want me to increase it ask.

    “I got a feeling that you are not telling us something.” Jt said in suppression. "There is but it will not affect you guys in anyway. I" she explained and she went on. "I was going to tell you later but on the worlds that the dark hands invade and on their worlds expect Yami they have a machine that brings the effects of the planet Yami to the other planets. If they are destroyed them they will go away. Also if you cheat and not play the game by the rules you will die. The emery can trap with your arsenal cards and gets rid of their primary effect but luckily they will have duel effects that you can use against your enemy. That is a secondary effect and depending on what they can do.”  “I’ll get my card.”  Ben said. “You go do that. Then after that if you guys have any problems let me know.” She said.

    The heroes went to bed quarters and look thought out their decks deciding which card will they chose cease whichever one they chose will give their arsenal cards their effects and they will give them their power. They look thou them carefully and thought carefully. They ask each other opinions. “The arsenal effects will porbably be related to our cards in some way and may be completely related or them or both. " Tony said. During 30 minutes of their deciding two Protics came. After one of them came. He said in Protics langue “How long?” then the female one said in Protic langue “30.” Then he replied in Protics langue “good the duelist that are fighting on both sides none of them have died. Captured yes but all that was captured have been manipulated or the have been manipulated.” Then the other Protics that came said in Protics langue but it will be type in English just like the others and which they will speak thou out this talk “ Even thou their “Meta” as they called make most creative decks almost useless it has help them because of how powerful the decks are. I bet you what his name tony won’t pick a black wing for his monster to use to get his power or amour.” The Female said “He probably go for Constellar Pleiades.” Then the first Protic male that talk said “Who wants bet on what archetype they will choose.” Now we go to our heroes.

    “Okay so we all got the cards that we want?” Nathan ask.“I do and I have a confession to make I have Autism." Giovanni confess. " Since we are going to war I thought you should know. It won’t be a problem. ” Then everyone look at him “First of has your autism got in your way or hold you back before also how bad is it?” Jt ask.  “Yes but I won’t let and it’s Low functioning. It not really bad or anything like that but it does hold me back at times. I don’t know when it does it can happen at random.” Giovanni said. “It not Bad then that well. It not worth worrying about it or is it good. We will handle it when it comes. Don’t worry about it.”Jt said. “All of this time and you acted like you were normal. A little weird but all of us are like that.” Chase said in a surprised voice.  it Giovanni he can do a lot of things.”  Jeremy said. “Well if we are done we should go.” Giovanni said with a small smile. T “Ya let’s go.” Chase said. They all left and went to lounge area.

    When they got their with their card in their hands. Then the female Protics said in English like the others will while looking at them. “You are all back. We have some guest that will help you.” a machine got teleported with a table.  “well that random.” Jeremy said. Then the Protics that was closest to the table said “okay give me your cards.”  “I thought you would be using your own power.” Nathan said. “It inside the Machine and It really does not matter. I also apart of the council rules that we use machines. " the Protic replied. "They will get disbanded and get replace at one point probably. Acting scared or something like that. Don’t take it offensive it a Protic thing Nothing against Organics really unless they are evil.” All 9 of them handed him their cards. Then he putted them in the machine after one was done the other one was making some sort of orb.

    After it was all done they got their cards and our new arsenal cards. He handed each of them their cards. The 9 look at them and read what they did. Then the Protics that was making orbs s“Okay listen up.” he said after while. They all look at him. “Okay now then as you were told the cards that you chose will also give you power. I made orbs to kick start your power. I will explain what they are so you know and you are going to have to train and fight in order to gain more power.” The orbs came to him.” Jt you chose Fire king High Avatar Garunix. Since you did chose it you get the power of high fire king power so basically fire but more advance version of it.” He moved the orb quickly with magic and it went in him. “Nathan you chose Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech. Chronomaly is ancient so you will have the power of the Ancients.” He did it again “Chase you chose Evilswarm Ophion so you will get the power of darkness. Be careful and don’t let negativity get a hold on you.” he did same thing. “Jeromy you chose Stardust dragon so your power will be of that of the stars.” He did the same thing again with the orb “Ben you chose Black luster solider- envoy of the begging so you will have the power of the Envoy.” He did the same thing with Ben “Tony you chose Constellar Pleiades and since you did you will have the power of light." He did the same thing again. “Zack you chose high persist of prophecy so you will have the power of Prophecy.” He did the orb thing with him then he told Giovanni “Giovanni you have chosen Skill drain since you did you will get the power of nullifying.” He did the same things to Giovanni lik he did with the others. “All of you have got this new power but remember Abilities magic and power is different. When we said “you will get the power of” or something like that we are giving you the ability to use them. Power is just another way of to describe that you got a new ability and vice versa. Magic is a power that comes for the Mythical or Ethereal plane .if you prefer the Paranoia plane. That what it is. Ability is like plus 5 to strength, immunity to fire, the ability to control water currents or the ability to control sound waves. Power would punch and kicking people and maybe mix up with ability or some sort of magic.”

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