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    Yugioh chapater 1exploring ruins and Protic Gifts part 2


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    Yugioh chapater 1exploring ruins and Protic Gifts part 2

    Post by kingofblades on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:33 pm

    Not that that they are in many heroes will have top meta decks. Also the format is the apirl format of 2014.

    Our heroes all went to the kitchen to eat and as they eat k\ “Hey guys what decks you made make?’ Ben ask. “I made Lightsworn, Hat and lightsworn. If I can’t use life points for JD (Judgment dragon) or skill drain I won’t use it there are other ways I can win malefic drain with using skill drain trust me. I can win with that deck without skill drain.” Giovanni clamed. T“Can I see it?” Ben ask. “sure.” Giovanni replied. He had his deck belt with him and his duel deck. He took out the Malefic drain deck and gave it to Ben to look at. Giovanni “Uh if you have it can I see your artifact deck?” Tony ask. “Sure why not.” Giovanni replied.He got his hat deck out of his deck box and gave it to Tony. Then he drank his water. " Well it seems like a good build. " Tony said a “Mount of the creator is good I never thought about it before.” Ben said. In due time they gave him back his decks and “It good.” Tony said.

    T“What about your guy’s decks? Let me guess Ben you made your Glad beast (Gladiator beast) and Tony you love black wings and Consteller I bet you have them as well.” Giovanni guess. “Yep you got me. I am also running chaos dragons and fire fist Coach bear is at 3 over there and Now my chaos dragon deck is better than ever oh ya.”Ben said with a cheerful voice. “Your right about that.” Tony whispered. He spoke louder “I am also running Bujin.” T “Consteller and Bujin control the field right? Why do you want to run two decks like that?” Josh ask “Bujin is basically one card protect and get crane to Otk (one turn kill). They can control but not as much as Consteller can plus they can make rank 4s and 5s easy. Trust me dude trust me.” Tony said “I made a number deck, Snyhcro deck and a mask hero deck.” Jeremy said. “Zack if you wouldn't mind go check put his deck?” Tony ask Zack th“I don’t want it check over. I am just saying what decks that I have.” Jeremy said quickly. “Oh rescue rabbit is at 3.” Zack told Tony. T “It is oh okay. I’ll just get rid of Blackwing then.” Tony said t “you’re sure you love that archetype (an arch type is a group of cards that shares a part of a name)? "Zack ask. “Ya I am sure. I will keep the blackwing deck and if they will bring more deck boxes I will use it.” Tony said. T“Dude if it such a problem I found a hidden deck box that you could use. It hidden with the belts.” Chase told them in a happy voice. “Thanks chase.” tony responed.

    “photons/Galaxy, E hero and Stellarknight. 20 dollars to all the decks that I a hearing expect for malefic drain. I hate malefic. Sorry Giovanni.” Josh said. “it okay I know you don’t like them. Well I am done. I can find the places myself” Giovanni told them. He put his trash in the garbage. He left the table and goes explore. “I think the Protics will be back the next day.” Jt claimed. He looks at the clock on the wall “9pm we have spent 2 hours over here so time here is 4 hours ahead of our earth.” Jt said with certainty. “I got to get use to sleeping early. I am done. If anyone wants to join me come on then.”Ben said. he threw his stuff away and went. The others followed him. Back into the bedroom Giovanni found it rather quickly. He slept in the room and he is wearing bed clothes. “Oh ya guys there are military type bed clothes under the bed.” Ben said. “Hu what?”Giovanni ask. “Nothing go back to sleep.” Ben replied. “I hope I can. I take time for me to sleep when I go to bed most of the times.” Nathan said.“ya it like that because you have all of those things going thru your head. Need to try and unwind your head. Ya it takes time.” Josh said.t “Uh Hu.” Chase agreed. Our heroes went to their beds and went to sleep.

    Next day an Alarm sounded waking up then Chase woke and said “What the fuck!?” “yep they know we are here. We better get up and change quickly unless you want that alarm to make you death.” Jt said and Jt knew what he was talking about. As they got change the alarm keeps ringing. After they change they followed the sound and they followed the sound to a new room. It a lounge area. Then a female looking Protic said as she shut the alarm off. “Hello recruits.” The alarm shuts off. “I thought you would stay or leave then come back over here. Since you all stayed consider yourself lucky and fat people you are extra luckily just don’t ruin it okay it all I am asking.” “Ruin what?” Ben asks. “We are going to remove all of your fat and like the others we will modify your bodies." She said. "Why, for the Genius program. We make humans like you be able use magic. How you chose one card and base on the card you get the power. Sounds good?” “What to the Protics get out of this?” Giovanni ask then she laugh “ You finish up our job that we did not finish 1 million years ago and we get to control how many of you are there. They will be more of you guys now because the limit is raised. Don’t worry no type of plot and anything will happen to you that will kill you. You would be new. Nether the less will your alliance. We shall begin now.” She said.

    She pulls Ben and Giovanni to her with energy and she tap the top middle and lower part of their belly then she after the pokes her she holds then she move it up all the way to their mouths and put her finger in their mouths and take it out. she hand something yellow in her hands. Then she as she showed the two “See this I shrunk your fat into this you should be feeling lighter now.” She said. Then Ben and Giovanni did feel light and they touch their stomach. Then they look down and they see that their whole entire body is no longer fat. “Never put any of these two things in your systems or else your fat will return.” The female Protic said. She cast a spell and made the heroes taller and stronger.said “Now than when you wake up the next day this will be permit." she said as she went on." There is one thing you should know about us. We are also a warrior race. You would be considering a resourceful ally. The best ones we ever had. It would be a foolish idea to get rid of your race or make you slaves. Your race is safe but we no longer need of any slaves. We gave up on them 3.5 million years ago. We now make you able to become warriors. Now then go to the card room place or if you have it with you give it to us. The power that the card gets it power form will be your power. Make no mistake for the card that you chose to open a pathway for you to get power form will be the only power besides using card that will be able to kill people.” she finsih talking.

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