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    Yugioh chapter 1 exploring ruins


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    Yugioh chapter 1 exploring ruins

    Post by kingofblades on Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:33 pm

    Chapter 1: exploring ruins and Protic Gifts.  i will split  each chapter into different parts.

    Our heroes set out to go find go find food, water, the deck machine and beds so they can settle in for the 4 days. We got to Josh and Giovanni as they try to find the water and food. Giovanni brought up an idea in his mind and he told josh “You know the 4 days will probably happen until after the portal closes or until they come to see if we are still hear which they probably will if you think about it.”  “Probably it would be a waste of time if they us came over and no one was there. I think they expect us to know that.” Josh responded with a normal voice. “I hope my Autism does not affect my ability to train and fight. Even thou I am only on the board septum. It probably will but I hope it won’t be bad. ” Giovanni said with a worried voice. “Don’t worry about it now if it happens it happens. It will do no good to worry about it now. In fact it will make it worse when it comes. That stuff cans happen. It does affect you and hold you back but not as bad as the people who have it normally usually have it” Josh responded and was trying to make him clam “Ya your right.” Giovanni said as he was calming down. He caught a quick glimpse of a refrigerator he tells josh “Josh I think I just saw a fridge. Follow me I think it in this room.” They went to the room were Giovanni thought he saw a refrigerator. They went into the room and Josh said “Yep your right.” Josh opened it up both doors of refrigerator “We got sandwiches, stuff for salads bottles of water, fruit. In the freezer is frozen veggie bags. We also have Right health brand microwave food. All of them have veggies in them.” As he raised his voice up a bit.Giovanni look to the right of the refrigerator. He saw a micro wave then  “Found a microwave.” he said with a bit of relief  Josh closed the door  “That pylon must be powerful enough to power everything up. I don’t know how it does it but it does it. Now got find the Bathroom because I got to go.” Josh said as he was holding his pants. Then Giovanni remember that there were bathrooms down the hall and he quickly “Oh their…their bathroom down the hall. I remember seeing a sign."Giovanni quickly tried to say.  “Uh I don’t remember seeing that. Thanks.”Josh said in a nice voice. Josh bolted out the door. Giovanni walk to the bathroom to so him and Josh can proceed on.

    We now go to Zack and Tony.  “He said it in the back but how far back like really. We have been thou 5 rooms how far back is it.” Tony complained.“I Know right? Like we are in a place that has been ruined I know they used a pylon that supposed to give power to everything but what ruins are we in. what was this place before it got ruined?” Zack said. Then Zack opened up the door and as he and tony walk thou the door they saw a duel field. Then Tony said “A duel field nice. I bet the deck machine is close by.” They walk to the double doors when they got their they opened it. They went down a hall then they check the door to the left. They opened it they saw a machine it was label deck machine.  “I am going to see if their anther one to the door to the right in the hall way." Zack told Tony "I will be back try to find out to use it. If I find one I will come back and tell you.” Zack started to walk “Okay.”Tony said As Zack went to the machine he saw a power button. It has the power button on it. He presses it and it came on and it was loading. After it was done loading the main screen appeared. There was the program that runs the computer and there was a program for deck making. He clicks on it and it appeared. The computer asks him if he wanted to go thru the tutorial. He Click the yes option and he went thru it. After he was done Zack came back and he looks at Tony and he looks at him. “I found another one and I learned how to use it. Also I found a lot of duelist disk and duel belts. But thou I only found 27 deck boxes for us to put our decks in so if everyone wants 3 decks then we would be out of deck boxes. They need to put more over here.” Zack explained, “It would be best if we use more than one deck." Tony said with a clear mind "3 sounds good for each." Tony said. " The duel disk seems bulky. Do you want to tell them it or me?  Zack said in a questionable voice“Wait for them to finish up.” Tony replied.

    Now to Ben and Nathan looking for the beds. “Mom won’t know that . "Ben said to Nathan "I don’t know we could go back and tell them. Hu we should have asked that. If they come back then maybe we can ask them if they come back.” Ben finishes talking as he opens up a door.” Hey I found 3.” Ben said in a positive voice.He went inside more. He saw more beds. “Got more beds.” Ben added. Nathan was in a room behind Ben  “Same here.”Nathan told him. Then Ben went onto one of the beds  “The sheet is okay and the mattress is hard. This will probably be like the military ones. Pillow is fine.” Ben commented  “They have a bathroom near the beds. It won’t be like in the military.” Nathan told Ben in aloud voice.  “I can hear you. No need to yell. Let’s go back.” Ben responded. "Okay then let's go." Nathan said.

    Now to Jt, Chase and Jeremy. While they were walking  “I really don’t like the fact we are on a world that a war is going on. What happens if the enemy attacks?” Chase told the two. replied “This place is probably deep into the territory. I do wonder why are we in ruins and what was this place before we left? Oh well.” Jt said with a curious voice. T\ “I think this use to be a club. I kept seeing signs that show it a club.” Jeremy said. He opened up a double door. He, Jt and Chase saw a workout station. Chase notices a sign. “Hey that sign over their says Hition men’s club workout station. This is a club.” Chase claimed. “We can use this to help prepare us a bit. Well it clears as day to see that this is the end of the room. No more doors. Let go” Jt said as the thoughts came to his head. “Ya let’s go.” Jeremy said.

    The 9 heroes all came back together conveniently at the same time. When they group got together  “Well this is Convenient.” Jeremy said. “Yep just like in a book or in a movie. Me and Josh found stuff for salads, also we found fruit, veggies, microwave food, sandwiches and water.” Giovanni told them.  “It was in a kitchen area.” Josh explained Yes it was in a kitchen.  “We found beds and the mattress are hard. The sheets and pillows felt find. We may have to sleep in sleeping bags.” Nathan said to everyone as he look at them.” We found two of the deck machines seems pretty simple to use." Tony said as he went on" We also found Duel disk and 27 deck boxes. If you want to make more than one deck you would have a limit of 3 must because of the limited amount deck boxes unless you want to carry decks in your hand and have to worry about caring them 24/7. The duel desk is bulky it seems. There is a lot so don’t worry there is enough for all.” Tony stop talking. “We found a work outstation also this use to be a club for men.” Chase explained. t “A club as a base?” Josh said with a confused voice.  “Use what you got. Places and things can be used for more than their original purpose. Ever played the walking dead on the PC and yes it can prove it.” Giovanni responded.  “So can you show us were the deck machine is now or no?” Jt ask “I actually was planning on going back there to make decks so if you want to come I can show you.” Tony replied. Then Tony went and everyone came with him. He showed them the rooms and he guides them thru it. They learned how to use it and they started to make decks.

    Tony made a Bujin, Consteller and Blackwing decks and chose a yellow and blue duel disk. He opened I the duel disk and it was not that bulky the big part of it was for the hand. He found belts he got one that fits him and all deck boxes are black so he grab them. Zack made a Prophecy, Geargia and Madolche he grab a black and grey duel disk. Chase made an Evil swarm deck, Gishki and a cyber-dragon deck he got a blue and black. Jeremy made a Number deck, Yang zing and a mask hero deck he also took a white and black duel disk. Josh made a Galaxy/photon deck, E (elemental) hero mask deck (Strados is not banned in the anime Dimension), and a Stellarknight deck then he chose a blue and black duel disk. As you may of guess the main color of the duel disk is black. Jt made a fire burn deck. Reversal quizzes deck, and a Chain burn deck. He chose a red and black duel disk. Nathan made a Chronomaly deck, Inzetors, and a Shaddoll also he chose a green and black duel disk. Ben made a Chaos dragon deck, Gladiator beast deck and Fire fist deck then he chose a red and black duel disk. Giovanni made a Artifact deck,  Malefic drain deck (Not the Necrovalley one) and a Lightsworn ruler’s deck then he chose a grey and black duel disk. All of the belts are the same.

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