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    Yugioh wars introduction part one


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    Yugioh wars introduction part one

    Post by kingofblades on Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:14 am

    Please read the prologue first. Yes these are going to be long i have an opening song for this as well. remember this is part one.

    3:06 pm united states of America, Pennsylvania, Bastion Township, Inside Digital masters in the Bastion plaza, forecast cloudy. At a table Tony age 19 white male as duels he hold his hand of Yugioh cards. “Okay I summon Bujin Yamato, set 2 active Kaiser Colosseum, go to end phase Bujin Yamato effect actives I can send one Bujin monster from my deck to the graveyard and then I send Bujin turtle to the grave and I add Bujin crane to my hand because of it effect.” He sends Bujin turtle to the graveyard and him adds Bujin Crane to his hand and reveals it. "Due to the rules that I must reveal the card that you added from your deck to your hand by a search effect."  Then Ben age 25 white male obese draw a card from his deck and said as he played it out. “Okay I will active dark world dealings we both draw a card then we discard.” He sends Grapha, dragon lord of dark world to the grave. "I set two. I active drag down to the grave. We both relive our hands and we chose one card from each of our hands to send to the grave. We draw after that.” Ben chose Bujin crane to go to the grave yard. Tony chose his other dark world dealings.  “I summon Snoww, Unlight of dark world Active and effect from the grave yard. I can return one monster on the field back into my hand to special summon Grapha, dragon lord of dark world. I attack Your Bujin Yamato.” Tony replied after flipping up one of his face down cards. “I active my trap card Dimensional prison. I can banish a monster that is attacking on my opponent side of the field.” Then Ben flips on of his face down cards which was a quick play spell “I active forbidden lance. I target my monster it losses 800 attack and defense but it unaffected by other spell or traps.” The attack went though and tony monster is destroyed and he loses 300 life points now he is at 7700 life points.

    On another game table a white male Chase 17 and a white male Jeromy 17 glasses also a white male obese Giovanni 18 talk about the back stories of the characters of Yugioh. Chase said “Akiza back story is depressing. She has these powers and her parents basically treated her like a freak.” Then Jeromy said in a happy voice “Yusie got was force to live up on his own. The city is going to blow up but sorry son I must sacrifice myself to save others and you. Expect when he got to Martha then he was good.” Then Giovanni then said “Man yugioh 5Ds has the most tragic back stories out of the other series. Really Zexel and whoever the new guy is in Arch his back story is probably not good enough tragic to beat 5Ds guys.” Then Chase said “True that.”

    Near a table that has a grid on it. A Black male named JT 30 with glasses and a white male with glasses named Nathan 23 was talking about the current government and the state Jt said “Well for many years Pennsylvania has been democrat. In fact it would not be surprising to both democrats and republican if they go democrat again.” Then Nathan ask “When do you think that things went south for the country cause at one point it went like that?” Then Jt replied “Around the civil war or after well during Lincoln time and after his death.” Then Nathan ask “People think that the civil war was about freeing the slaves is that true?” then Jt said “No it was because the confederates wants to break away from the states and become Independent the Union did not want that.” They continue on talking about it. Then a white male age 20 came Zack went to Tony and said “I got the fire and ice hands.” Then tony look up to him and said “Okay just put it aside for now.”  

    A white male came in named josh white male age 18 came in. Giovanni look at him and said “Yo Josh.” Then Josh said “Hey bud.” He had a box with him and he putted on one of the table that no one was sitting at. Then Giovanni said “I got a stardust dragon that you wanted.” Then he looks at him and said “Hmm 20 dollars.” Then Tony said “It always going to be 20 dollars on average probably.” The Josh said “I say that when I like something. I know it 20 dollars.” Then the store owner Brain went around with a bin and said “One dollar fee for volunteer clean up team.” He came to the people in the store that was inside there and play card games and do role play for you see Digital masters is more than just a video game store that got merchandise of anime comics etc. and video game book plus board games. They also have cards to sell as well as deice. It like a Geek and Nerd paradise you may say. After he was done with that. He out the bin back. Jt said “Well I have to go I promise my wife I will be back before 4pm and I have to stop at Kuhn’s and get some stuff first.  I enjoy coming over here and having talks like these. I can’t help but feel that something bad is going to happen though.”  

    Outside in the parking lot a women in a black SUV called a number on her cell phone. When she made a connection with the person she was trying to call she said “Remember the 9 duelist I talk to you about that other day that I reminded you from last year. They all actually came to the Digital master store.” Then the man on the other Cell phone line said “Alright we will get them hopefully no Protic interruptions this time. I hope we win this war and make it a 3 year war. It won’t be too long now until we are made public. I wonder what they will call us. I will contact them you should leave we don’t want any risk of losing you.” then she said “Okay hurry that black male may leave early. Bye.”

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