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    Yugioh wars prologue


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    Yugioh wars prologue

    Post by kingofblades on Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:36 am

    This is fan fiction there will be names and people that will be reference in the yugioh series. Fan fiction is where a fan of something like yugioh makes something up that has characters forms that series and involves some of the same things in the series like powers, weapons and in this case cards. It also has to relate to the original series. Fan fiction may also be considered cannon meaning that it fans made. The people in this story are not real nor do the locations expect state and country are real. The names are chosen base on people that the writer meet but his relationship to them will not be told or revealed fully just their first names. This story will tell in third person. Also the current format will not be in this.

    The year is 2014 on planet earth our planet. The date is august 2, 4th. Our heroes have not seen each other in a long time. Now they actually meet each other again for it has been months since they all gathered together. They have no idea what will happen next. In the yugioh animated series dimension a war is rage on the planet of Yami and it fellow friend planets. The year is 2435 in their dimension. This planet makes it possible for yugioh monster well in their case duel monsters able to kill and hurt people. An evil force called the Dark hand has develop the technology that will enable them to use duel monster cards in order to hurt people despite that they would look like holograms when the machine release the spirit in the card and make it have a physical form. They have carried this power to other worlds to make it harder for someone to die. The people of earth over their learned of this and learned the hard way that they really do have the technology to do that though they have a scientific theory for it. Earth has made the untied Union which governs the planets that have colonies that came from earth. They manage to steal this technology when they got to the dark hand planets and use it. Their duelist army is called the Duelist alliance. The dark hand has another plain they have learned of our dimension and they believe that they can attack it and steal duelist over their due to the spies that they sent over reported that they play duel monster but they call it yugioh. They are able to use dimension portal to get over there. The dark hand technology is more than powerful enough to make the duel disk able to make holograms that can hurt and kill people.

    The enemy is led by alien male Called Malk. He has disguised himself as a human. They are known as the Kibarens and he is the one of the 6 of last of his species. The other two are Ragnor and Zemon. Mira is Malk husband and they have one boy and one girl. they are Manto and Gala. An another alien race called the Protics is helping the Alliance give them technology and recourse to combat the dark hand. They are ones who are responsible for almost destroying the Kibaren race. The Protics council unfortunately decides not to help them in combat and only gave them limited amount of technology and recourse that they think that all that they need. Expect they are allowed to protect duelist in our heroes world form begin captured. Many Protics were angry and disgusted at the council choice and argue that they should help them and get rid of the Kibarens once and for all. One of the things that they gave to the alliance is the technology of arsenal cards that give the user power and that gives them the power to destroy the monster in Duel monster and that can deal life point damage as well as for defense. They take the color red. Now then let us watch as our heroes go on an epic adventure that will forever change their lives. They meet at a private video game store called Digital masters.

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