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    Very basic guide to Machina/Gadgets


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    Very basic guide to Machina/Gadgets

    Post by ab9999 on Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:08 pm

    The mixture of these two archetypes, Gadgets and Machina, is more common then the solid gadget build(still not common mind you) and the build can be quite a consistent and solid deck. This post should give you a basic idea on the deck and how it works. If you have any questions on the deck and how it works, feel free to post it here and ill respond to the best of my ability! ^^

    These 2 decks work so well together mainly because of how they are. Gadgets are super spammy, always searching when summoned, and allow you to mantain very strong hand control. I highly recommend making this deck based only on rank 4 and 7, and this post will be on the assumption that you decided to do just that. You then add things such as Tin Goldfish and Kagetoge to speed it along and help with the xyz summons. So how does the Machina help in this deck? Well they tend to use up resources rather fast for there most popular monster, Machina Fortress. Because of the great hand control in the deck, there is almost never a lack of the resources needed to summon such a fine card Very Happy You can then add things such as gearframe to help search out fortress. Worried about that slowing down your xyz summons? Dont worry! That's what kagetoge is for ;D And even if you dont have the lizard, he is a monster that can hold his own with an attack of 1800. This deck is best for spamming and rank 4 spamming, and you should probably add some cards to build upon that. I suggest adding King of the feral Imps and Gear Gigant X so that you can use some very important combos. First you needs at least 1 of the following monsters; ANY gadget, then either Tin Goldfish/Kagetoge. If ur wondering why these monsters, they are just two extremely helpful cards that support the deck quite nicely ;p

    1) Tin Goldfish > Gadget monster > Gadget search effect > XYZ summon for Gear gigant X > search for another tin goldfish
    I believe you have seen where this is going already. By using combos such as this you can assure the xyzs never have to stop as you will always have a nice and solid hand.

    2) Gadget > search > kagetoge > Feral King > search kagetoge
    Same thing really, however it is, unfortunately, less limited for what it searches.

    Because of these seachs that are always going on and the ability to be able to instantly have the resources for anoher xyz summon, I'm actually gonna recommend that you use 1-2 double summon in this deck, not only can you set up another xyz summon, but you can also get off annother xyz summon with this combo :3

    Gadget > search > double summon > NS searched monster > search > xyz for something(if gear gigant or feral imp) effect and search so that you have another xyz summon set up

    Due to all the resources being used in this deck, there will often be a point late game were you run out of plays you may wanna use. So add Daigusto Emeral to the extra. This isnt a tip xD Just add it Has saved me many times and sometimes u just dont need another beatstick so recycling and getting that +1 is the best play.

    Now it is time for some plays with machina
    I know i went over this earlier, but here are some combos

    4) Gearframe > search for fortress > kagetoge > xyz for something. Unlike previous combos, there is no way to get a foolproof loop for xyzs in this combo, you will usually go for something other then gear gigant and feral imp such as 101 and castel So is the combo over yet? Probably but maybe not. Unfortunately you cant do this with just gearframe and kagetoge but if you have another machine in your hand you can summon fortress via its effect. So u -3 for an xyz and fortress, and thats assuming you didnt xyz gigant or feral.

    Now this combo actually is actually quite conditional and i kinda doubt you will use it often if ever Also pretty straightforwardyou
    For this combo you need Machina Fortress, soul charge, and 1 or 2(2 prefered) level 4 machines. combo works on assumption one is a gadget Remember you can also do this if u have gearframe, soul charge, and a lv4 machine
    5) Fortress > discard machines > soul charge > gadget search > xyz > (if chose big 2)search > xyz set up

    Now here are some more recommendations for the the deck

    Call of the haunted - This may seem like a sorta weird choice, but it really isnt so bad, and its because sometimes your opponent manages to stop your assault with traps and you just arnt able to make any plays. Well in this situation it helps. Can also be used in combination with fortress to ss a gadget u discard. If you ss a gadget you get its search and can go for a search and then normal for another search and xyz. I would run 1-2.

    Mystical Space Typhoon A common staple, traps and protection and this deck's strongest point and backrow can be annoying. I recommend 3

    Upstart Goblin - For those times where DN is being a bish, this can help you get what you need and make the deck more compact(deck size of 37 for more consistency) If your going to use it at all, might as well use 3 ;D

    Rank-up-magic - Now I'm not strongly recommending this, but it is certainly a strong card to consider(I suggest not running upstart if u put this in cuz that feeling when u draw it via upstart >.<) Because of all the searches going on in this deck, it just keeps getting smaller and smaller as the duel goes on, and upping ur chances of drawing this fun card ;D c101 so op i swer

    You can also add all your own modifications to the deck. It works very well with rank ups, though I suggest starting with the basic machina/gadget build and making the rank up variant a separate deck.

    So at this point you should know all the basic stuff to add to the deck, and now you just add whatever fits your play style to the deck or just more support to make it more consistent ;D

    Also this may seem weird, but you should run the all the gadgets at 2. They search each other so u just need to draw 1 to start the spam and dead drawing sucks.

    I hope this helped, as i said at the top, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Also sorry for any typos or miscommunications i may have made. First time making a guide for a deck ;-;
    This is a copy and paste of an old guide and one of my fav decks. I didn't edit it all and just gave it a quick read through. Also I was a bit of noob so I think I probably typed some of it wrong ._. Well I'm going to add some more down here. These are some cards I suggest adding to the deck or at least trying out.

    Karma Cut: The card can be a bitch and u often have an influx of discard material(gadgets) and even if u don't y not discard that one duality u have to get rid of that annoying monster? XD

    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast: its the same reason for adding this one xD if used right can make ur opponent draw a useless card next turn ect ect. Unless facing BA or something I personally prefer this one since I can also be used on back row

    Double Summon: Self explanatory hopefully. I don't think I added this above but maybe I did. Anyways this card is meh. Its up to u if u want to run this or not. Completely depends on ur preferences for this one I think.
    And if it isn't self explanatory, then wut u do is the same thing as always then double summon then do et again xD
    EX: gadget > kage> imp king > double summon > use searched monsters > then go for another xyz of ur choice. May sound nice and all but think for a sec. Would u rather have that extra mst or trap or whatever than this somewhat unnecessary double summon? >.<

    And now here is just a weird tech I thought of just now at this very moment that u can try out. Genex Ally Birdman! :] This would give ur deck access to synch 7 as well as keep ur hand set up for the next turn.
    combo like this if u don't know wut im saying
    NS Gadget > Add gadget > ss kagetoge > Birdman; return kagetoge to hand > synchro! And then ill just list my personal 3 fav lv7 synchs: black rose dragon, black rose moonlight dragon, and Yazi, evil of the yan zing

    So eh yeah hope this helps xD Im always up for discussing weird/new/cool/[nsert name here] ways to edit this deck so if ur interested in discussing it feel free to talk to me about it in PMs or the chat box ^~^

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