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    Something Yu-Gi-Oh Related!


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    Something Yu-Gi-Oh Related!

    Post by ~Wizard~ on Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:58 pm

    So as per a command of Kace Kessler, I have a new lesson! This lesson will focus on what the current meta decks are!

    Lets start with Tier 1 decks (the meta decks used most often)
    1.) Nekroz--Plain and simple; this Blue deck is still incredibly strong, even after 2 hits from the banlist. You'll see Nekroz in about 55% of duels.
    2.) Burning Abyss--Still a Tier 1 deck even with Tour Guide at 1. What I've noticed is Burning Abyss players are running more of the BA monsters and even crane crane to make up losing 2 Tour Guides. You'll see Burning Abyss in about 15% of duels.
    3.) Shaddoll--Back from the depths of Tier 2, Shaddolls are quite strong this format! You'll see them in about 15% of duels.

    Tier 2 decks (meta decks that aren't used that often, but are still prevalent)
    1). Tellarknights--Incredibly strong deck, which can arguable be considered a Tier 1.5 deck. Without any hits from the banlist, this deck will continue to grow in strength. You'll see them in about 7% of duels.
    2.) Ritual Beasts--One of my personal favorite decks; they have an amazing search ability that can search multiple times a turn. You'll see them in about 5% of duels

    Tier 3 decks (meta decks rarely played, but you may still see them)
    1.) Masked HEROs--Even after receiving support, this deck has fluctuated in use and strength compared to other decks. You'll see this deck played in about 3% of duels

    Any other decks seen are considered rogue decks, meaning random decks people use to combat the meta. Basically the opposite of a meta deck.

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    Re: Something Yu-Gi-Oh Related!

    Post by whatthe101 on Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:39 am

    nice lesson and by rogue u mean anti-meta decks right?

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