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    RRA Team Deathmatch!


    Technomancer Jericho

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    RRA Team Deathmatch!

    Post by Technomancer Jericho on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:50 pm

    RRA Team Deathmatch 1

    Welcome to RRA's first tournament hosted by yours truly, Technomancer Jericho! In this tournament you will be racking up glorious Jericho Points in your teams!
    I'm not going into much detail since I doubt you guys are stoopid enough to not know how a Team Deathmatch works.

    And for what constitutes as a win:
    If atleast 2 members lose, it counts as a whole team loss. Same thing for winning.

    Each team must consist of 3 people.
    Every win must have a screenshot to confirm the win.
    This will use the January 2015 banlist.
    If other teams constantly deny your challenges, your Team Leader must PM me.
    Each team must have a Team Leader nominated. (Team names too plz)
    No chetters, chetters will be forced to spend a night in the Birds room.
    You win 5JP for each win. Most JP by the end of the tournament wins.

    Teams (Leader, M1, M2):
    2. Team Mod (Astral-Xx, NightBot, Firestar522)
    3. Another undecided name (jef12345, Ptolemy, Phantom Knight)
    Will add more when needed.

    If you want to join say Team Deathmatch!

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    Re: RRA Team Deathmatch!

    Post by Neo☆ on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:40 pm

    Team Members:

    1. Neonhero14
    2. NightBot
    3. Firestar522

    Team Name:

    **Still Being Decided**

    Team Death Match
    Phantom Knight

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    Re: RRA Team Deathmatch!

    Post by Phantom Knight on Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:21 pm

    Team Members:  
    1. Jef  2. Ptolemy 3. Phantom Knight

    Team Name:
    Omega Paradox

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    Re: RRA Team Deathmatch!

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